Moving house is an exceptionally special event in someone’s life, and one that should be remembered. Once your loved ones’ date is set to collect their keys, you’ll want to shower them with gifts, and ones that let them bring character to their décor. Essentially, you’ll wish to join in the celebrations regarding this fine new chapter.

When it comes to purchasing a new home gift, it can be difficult to think of original, stylish pieces to add to their home. This is precisely why we’ve rounded up a host of quirky housewarming gifts, to help you send only the best creative items their way.

Read on to discover our wide assortment of gift ideas to be treasured by your closest companions in their new home - or even their first home.

Sublime housewarming gifts

Finding any old housewarming gifts for your nearest and dearest isn’t an issue; there’s a large scope of options out there to select. Ensuring your present is original and true to your relationship with them is another thing entirely, which makes finding them a present a little more challenging. However, we’ve sourced some of the best options, so you can send a creative gift with a difference:

An aromatic oil diffuser

Ensure their house smells as incredible as it looks when they, and their guests, walk through the door, by treating them to an opulent oil diffuser. Choose from a wide selection of these gorgeous gifts online to help their home be filled with fragrance.

You will need to be mindful of how the diffuser you opt for looks, to make sure it suits their interior perfectly. For instance, if they have a very minimalistic living space, plain diffusers with neutral colours such as white will complement their décor. Whereas if they intend to bring a mix of styles into their home, with methods such as hanging retro pop art prints on their walls and incorporating wood into their interior, quirkier looking diffusers will truly add to their space. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have bought them a delightful new home gift that equally smells divine and adds character to their living space.

Others sending the new homeowner(s) a housewarming gift will likely choose a candle rather than a diffuser, too. This means that no double present problems will arise!

A terrarium table

The new movers in your life may be complete plant fanatics, or it could be that you are yourself, and you want to pass on the sheer joy of owning plants. In which case, a terrarium table is an incredible housewarming gift.

If you don’t already know what a terrarium is, it’s essentially an indoor gardening container that features sublime plants and forestry. What’s even more excellent about this plant feature is that it’s extremely low maintenance, and it will look impeccable in any home.

This present also introduces a contemporary style edge to your friends’ living or dining room space. It’s not only a thoughtful present but an aesthetically pleasing one too. There are plenty of this type of homely ornament online, available in small or large sizes. So it’s simply up to you to decide which would suit their space best. If you have the time (and skillset), you could even make one of these cool housewarming gifts yourself.

Precious personalised new home gifts

There is truly nothing better than receiving a bespoke present, particularly when it’s marking a monumental occasion in someone’s life. So, use your creativity to send your friends or family a beloved item that will really mean something to them.

Those closest to you will naturally appreciate anything you send their way. However, personalised new home gifts will fill them with joy and gratitude. These types of presents will add a personal flair to their living space, which will always be associated with you. But which aesthetic option should you go for?

An engraved chopping board

With plenty of your recipient’s time being spent in the kitchen cooking up delicious homemade delights, any kitchen appliance or tool will never go to waste. Even so, many useful, practical gifts can be a little drab. That’s why a personalised version of your home gift will shine; you can send your loved ones a practical present that will remind them of you and the kind sentiment of your gift.

One fine idea would be to purchase a wooden engraved chopping board, with the new homeowner’s name embossed on the front, alongside their official moving in date. Whether you are buying this new home gift for a couple or a solo mover, they will be delighted that you put so much thought into their present.

For art lovers: A personalised art print

For the new homeowner who adores art, invest in a bespoke art print by a made-to-order artist. This will hold sentimental value and can feature an image of anything you wish. Let them see their home from another perspective, with a painted or digitally designed image of their new abode’s exterior. They can treasure this piece for as long as they live there and forever after, should they move again, as a lovely memory.

The precious person in your life receiving this gift can then hang it above their fireplace to bring some personalised living room wall art to their favourite space, or carefully rest it against a shelf above their bedroom’s headboard. They could also choose not to hang it in their living space but to stow it away as a keepsake instead alongside other cherished items. Although, the best place for any extraordinary art print is hung on the wall for all to see and appreciate.

Embrace these outstanding housewarming gift ideas

Hopefully, we’ve helped you uncover a selection of creative new house gift ideas that may not have crossed your mind. It’s now up to you to decide which of these quirky housewarming gifts is most suited to your lucky recipient.

We also have a wonderful selection of uniquely crafted prints which are incredible gifts for art lovers, or those who are looking to embrace new styles and looks for their home. Simply peruse our contemporary wall art prints to add a modernist feel to your loved one’s home or browse beautifully bold bedroom art pieces.

For further inspiration on new home gift ideas, as well as information regarding design and décor, read our insightful blog.

October 04, 2021 — James Mace