Discover our collection of 'Pop-Surrealist' contemporary art prints, created by talented artist, Toby Holmes. Toby likes to combine imagery & materials to create eclectic, playful & amusing pieces. Explore the beauty of each piece in this stunning new art collection.

Hope and Glory is our newest licensed collection of beautifully unique contemporary art prints. This stunning series of six art prints has been created by Toby Holmes, an incredibly talented artist, printmaker and designer. Based in London, Toby likes to create playful and hopefully humorous ’Pop-Surrealist’ prints. 

The Inspiration Behind Hope & Glory

Toby combines images drawn from a huge variety of sources from classical art to contemporary packaging & advertising. Working as both an artist and graphic designer Toby is interested in the overlap of both disciplines. He likes to combine disparate imagery and materials to create eclectic, playful and amusing pieces.

Having always admired the work of Robert Rauschenberg and Peter Blake, Toby is inspired by the unconventional use of cultural references and commercialised products within their artworks. Eagle-eyed admirers of Toby's work will notice subtle placements of products and packaging in his work.

Beautiful contemporary portraiture art print of a woman surrounded by flocks of bright hummingbirds.

Within The Hope And Glory Art Collection

This new contemporary collection, named, 'Hope and Glory', contains a series of eccentric art prints that blend classical portraiture and contemporary packaging amidst botanicals and nature. 

Four art prints in the collection feature classical portraiture of traditionally dressed women surrounded by a myriad of animals, against a stunning classical nature backdrop (pictured above). 

The other series of art prints feature a collection of classical portraitures of people, animals and fantastical objects displayed on a classical nature background (pictured below). 

Beautiful contemporary art print of a

The Tall Boy x Toby Holmes Contemporary Art Collection

The Toby Holmes Collection with Tall Boy Prints contains an exclusive set of 6 contemporary art prints, curated from Toby's original collection. Each piece is printed on luxury Etching Cotton Rag 315 GSM fine art paper, using a 12-colour printer. We use light fast ink on our prints, which creates art that is more striking and dramatic than ever before.

Discover more about the artist in the Toby Holmes artist bio, and explore his full collection of prints in the Toby Holmes Collection.

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May 04, 2023 — Annabel Easton
Tags: New Arrivals