How to create a gallery wall at home

Whether you hope to bring prints to life in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or office, gallery walls inject character and personality into your space. Gallery walls have certainly become more prevalent over recent years because they enable you to create an inventive masterpiece, and one that you can take full credit for.

It may be that you require some gallery wall inspiration, or you’re unsure how to create a gallery wall at home. That’s why we’ve created this useful article to help you build this art installation in your home. Simply read on to discover our gallery wall ideas and more.

What is a gallery wall?

What is a gallery wall?

In recent years, gallery walls have become immensely popular in the world of modern décor. So, what is a gallery wall exactly, and what does it entail?

A gallery wall is a decorative way to add intrigue to your living space, by hanging a collection of blissful prints together in a designated space. Typically, you would introduce this artistic element to your home in replacement of wallpaper, a feature wall, or painted walls.

Where you display your gallery wall is entirely your choice. But if you’re searching for gallery wall inspiration, we would recommend hanging different prints up the staircase, in your living room, or in the hallway. For instance, each piece of art in your collection could sit side-by-side in a neat row above your fireplace. Alternatively, you could introduce a mixture of different sized prints to your walls and place them in a random assortment, to add creative flair to your décor.

Collect a selection of stunning art prints

To start creating a gallery wall, first you’ll need a creative collection of art prints to display, as well as frames to slip them in so they are ready to be showcased in your chosen rooms.

If you’re wondering how to make a gallery wall stand out, select an array of diverse prints to hang on your walls. You can play around with different styles to bring a collection of colours, textures, patterns and illustrations to life and experiment with your interior.

How to decide on a theme for your gallery wall

Decide on a theme

Choosing a theme for your gallery wall is extremely important. Doing so determines how your chosen room will look. It also adds ambience and allows you to bring out your personality through your décor.

It may be that you love fashion, in which case you can base your gallery wall art on differing fashion artwork, such as our John French art prints. Or you might prefer sleek Japanese art pieces that blend different textures and patterns together. Whichever style of art is your favourite, selecting your prints by theme will be entirely beneficial and it will make your feature wall even more impressive.

Once you’ve made a final decision on your theme and collected the pieces you love, we would recommend laying out your art on the floor before officially hanging your prints up. This provides you with a visual layout of how it will look beforehand, and leaves less room for error.

Colour match your prints with your interior

Even though gallery walls are meant to look busy, you’ll still need to ensure that each print featuring on your gallery wall suits the interior of your room. Certain colours will subtly bring out the hues of your current décor, so it’s definitely worth considering your artwork’s colour beforehand. For instance, dusty pink prints will blend perfectly with a charcoal grey wall, as will white or monochrome pieces.

How to create the perfect gallery wall

Hanging a gallery wall: Framing ideas

When you have determined which pieces to hang in your space, and the layout you will be opting for, you’ll need to purchase a collection of frames. Frames really reveal the colours of the artwork and, of course, they allow you to hang them up to begin with.

To determine a gallery wall hanging system that works well with your walls, you’ll need to:

  • Consider the size of your frames:

To bring a modern take to your décor, select different sized frames to truly set off your walls and bring further creativity to your space. Also, study which width size you require. It may be that you prefer thicker frames to bring a bold look to your gallery wall. On the contrary, you might wish to fit your prints with thinner bordered frames to suit a collection of more minimalistic art pieces.

  • Consider the frame colour:

The colour of the frames you choose to hang on your staircase gallery wall, or on any wall for that matter, needs to blend seamlessly with your prints. So, selecting the colour of your frames in advance is crucial.

It may be that you take gallery wall inspiration from Pinterest, and opt for different coloured frames to complement contemporary prints. This framing approach will ensure that every piece stands out. Alternatively, you might be drawn to black and white frames for a more neutral look, which suits Scandi-inspired décor perfectly.

Create a staircase gallery wall

Perhaps you’re interested in creating a staircase gallery wall, to mix different sizes and styles of prints and brighten up this typically drab space. If you’re unsure of how to create a gallery wall that showcases your finest art pieces along your staircase, that’s to be expected. There’s no set rule to creating this walled masterpiece; it’s down to personal preference and what look you’re hoping to achieve.

It’s possible that you’ll want to hang your prints in a random assortment on the wall, to style your staircase however you like. Although, if you’re interested in placing prints in an organised fashion to bring out these prime pieces, we’d recommend measuring up first.

Start by measuring your wall with a tape measure, measuring the width of the wall from the bottom of the staircase right up to the top. In doing so, you’ll be able to establish how many prints can be featured on your staircase gallery wall. Also, if you’re hoping to acquire exact measurements, you can measure the precise gaps required between each and every frame.

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Now you’re aware of what is required to piece together a splendid gallery wall, you can begin adding this creative asset to your home.

If you haven’t yet purchased art prints for your walls, now is the time. Simply discover our diverse range of art prints to add to your space. For further inspiration on introducing art to your home, and information about the talented artists we work with, read through our blog.

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