How to embrace the maximalist interior design trend

Maximalist interior design is currently on-trend, with homeowners of all tastes contributing to this popular and charming décor style. Unlike minimalistic art, this style appeals to people who love stepping outside of their comfort zone, opting for daring designs to truly make an interior pop.

For this reason, we’ve listed the best ways to embrace this style, so you can adapt your living space and introduce maximalist home decor to various rooms across your home.

What is maximalist style?

Maximalism, meaning to bring flamboyancy and personality by playing with bright, patterned, and detailed décor, is a truly wonderful interior design trend.

You’re likely wondering what maximalism entails. In short, maximalism refers to adding bold colours, vivid textures, loud art prints and wacky designs to your home to create a wild and wonderful décor style. It’s all about experimenting with different styles to bring out your individuality, and this includes everything from furnishings (such as cabinets) to rugs and the cushions on your couch.

Minimalism vs maximalism

Maximalist interior design is the exact opposite of minimalist décor and suits a different type of style entirely. In plainer terms, minimalism is stripped back, whereas maximalism is elaborate, with homes to match!

Your home may currently have a more minimalistic interior and you’re looking to entirely transform it. That’s brilliant, but it should be noted that because these styles contrast so greatly, you can’t simply add an element of maximalist design to a minimalistic setting and name it the former.

How to create a marvellously maximalist space

To embrace maximalist design, you first need to understand what décor elements make it what it is. It may be more audacious than most and busy in appearance, but you need to ensure you find the right balance to avoid cluttering up your rooms. Maximalism is about much more than simply adding more items haphazardly.  

We’d recommend adding these key elements to begin your home transformation, to ensure you achieve maximalist interior in the best way possible:

Add colourful furniture

Introducing tons of colour to every room is such a key trope of maximalist design. This doesn’t just refer to painting the walls a bright red or adding patterned wallpaper but buying loud and proud statement furniture pieces too.

Channel Art Deco design to create breath-taking maximalist home décor, by adding a rustic TV stand with floral patterns intricately weaved into the woodwork, or a classic wooden side table featuring a tiled, decorated top.

You could also buy a velvet headboard with bold hues to really set the tone of your bedroom. Furniture like this will add great texture to this space and is an easy fix if you’re hoping to update your décor. You can find incredibly unique pieces second hand that are perfect for this kind of décor if you’re sticking to a lower budget.

Introduce a bookshelf brimming with novels

If you’re an avid bookworm, the maximalist style will appeal to you greatly. Simply incorporate your love for books with your décor by adding bookshelves to your rooms filled with your favourite novels – and make sure they’re of varying colours!

Minimalism reduces the need for further furniture, whereas maximalism openly encourages it. This means you are welcome to adorn any space with a tall bookcase packed with books, alongside numerous shelves stacked with your most prized texts. There’s no need to hold back! You could also stack your books on your side tables, choosing those with the most colourful spines.

Personalise your space

Another fabulous thing about maximalist home décor is that it’s deeply rooted in personalisation. Your living space should reflect everything you are truly passionate about in its truest form, and this style allows you to do just that.

To bring maximalism to your home, choose the furnishings and ornaments you love, whatever the style. For instance, showcase a small sculpture you brought back from your favourite holiday, or a bespoke sign that was given to you as a gift when you first moved in.

Then add these decorations, alongside brightly framed photos of your friends and family, and sit them on the top of your sideboard, mantlepiece or shelves. This adds that personal touch but ensures you don’t over clutter the space you’re working with. Remember to spread out these furnishings to suit the style you’re hoping to achieve.

Add plenty of artwork to your walls

Artwork adds character to any room, and maximalist home décor would not be complete without featuring a diverse collection of extravagant prints. Because when it comes to maximalism, the more art there is, the better!

Colourful artwork truly accentuates the theme, so several pieces need to be added to complete this look. Experiment with varying styles, especially those with detailed patterns like our floral wall art pieces and redesigned V&A retro pop art prints.

You could even buy alphabet posters to hang in each room, scattering different designs across your living room walls, or even standing them against the shelves in your bedroom or bathroom.

This type of art feeds into the personalisation theme that is prominent from maximalist design, as you could buy a patterned alphabet letter that spells out your entire name. Simply create a gallery wall featuring each one, hanging the prints sporadically on your walls to truly master this décor style.

Alternatively, you could stand vividly coloured travel art prints or fashion-based designs to the base of your mantlepiece, or against a feature wall in your dining room.

Welcome maximalist interior into your home

Now you know all about maximalism and how you can spruce up your home to match this style, you can begin changing or upgrading your décor accordingly. We have a vast collection of artwork that will work perfectly, too, so take a look at our brightly coloured art prints and purchase a collection of them to hang in your home.

For further inspiration on décor ideas, browse our blog and read through the articles best suited to your overall interests. To see the true comparison between minimalism and maximalism, our article on how to use minimalist art to transform your space will also work wonders.