How to start an art collection on a budget

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If you’re an art lover, or have taken a recent interest in all things art, you might begin thinking about how to start an art collection. Creating one is so exciting, it’s your chance to buy anything from contemporary art prints to vintage posters and really get a feel for what you like.

Having a collection that’s personal to you is such a great feeling, but you might consider the price and be a little turned off. Well, we can tell you now that collecting art doesn’t have to cost the earth! In fact, starting an art collection on a budget isn’t hard when you know how, and that’s why we’re here to help you create a killer art collection without spending a ton of money!

Just read on and find out everything you need!

Decide what artwork you love first

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Before you start hunting for masterpieces to add to your art collection, you need to know what exactly you’re looking for. Is it portrait artwork you’re after? Art Nouveau prints maybe? You might think you know what you like, but you’d be surprised – and you don’t want to discover you don’t like a certain style of art as much as you thought after you’ve bought them!

Use social media to your advantage

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In a world where digital is available at your fingertips, it’d be silly not to look at the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for art styles you love. Platforms like TikTok are great for when you’re starting an art collection because it’s here you can find videos on upcoming art events, as well as emerging artists.

Using social media massively helps you realise what art you don’t like so much, too, so it helps you whittle down your options! Have a quick scroll through Instagram to get a feel for what art takes your fancy, so you have a good idea of where your collection will begin. Using Instagram also opens you up to new art that you can buy then and there, from artists just starting out. It’s a cheaper way of starting an art collection and you can scope out what styles you like without paying a fortune in the process!

Head to graduate shows

To ensure you’re not breaking the bank (which is easily done when starting an art collection), start small. Head to graduate art shows to find art that’s cheap and cheerful while being wholly unique!

Supporting emerging talent is one of the many great things about starting an art collection. You get a feel of the type of art that takes your interest the most, and you get to speak with artists about their work, their vision and their inspiration.

When you scope out new artists, you’ll end up owning some original pieces that you haven’t seen elsewhere. Plus, they might be worth a good sum in later years when said artists make a breakthrough!

Find art fairs to attend

Art fairs are a great way for upcoming artists to get their work out there, and a brilliant way for you to explore the different kinds of art available – for lower prices. So when you’re wondering how to start an art collection, just think about what art fairs have popped up near you before. Then, just start researching and find the ones that match your interests best! Platforms like Facebook let you easily search for upcoming art events and fairs, and local hubs provide information on these as well – so get your research on!

Our advice? Join new groups online and also ask any fellow art aficionados about different craft/art events popping up. You can then go to different ones, build your art collection, meet new artists and get a real feel for what interests you the most. Perfect!

Buy affordable posters and prints

Tall Boy Art landscape prints hung above brown leather sofa

If you’re wanting to get a head start and create an art collection, we’d recommend buying posters, prints, or both to begin with. Doing this gives you a little piece of an artist’s work without having to shell out a load of money, and you’ll get a real feel for what you like (and don’t like).

Plus, posters and prints might be cheaper to buy initially, but they actually bring in a lot of value when artists get bigger/have a breakthrough, so these art pieces are definitely worth investing in. Our collections are full of affordable masterpieces from incredibly talented artists, to help you build your own so easily. Simply browse what’s out there for your future art collection and get your creative juices flowing!

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Now you know how to start an art collection on a budget, it’s time to seek out the pieces you love! Just take everything we’ve discussed and run with it. And if you like what you see, visit our blog to read articles on a whole selection of topics and gain even more art inspiration and budget-friendly ideas.