Our favourite summer prints to brighten your home

A row of Tall Boy Prints' framed floral wall art on kitchen wall


Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to prepare for the sunshine. This sunny season offers more opportunities to venture outside, but it’s also a reminder to refresh your artwork for time spent inside.

Here at Tall Boy Prints, we work with many talented artists. Some of these illustrators, painters, and photographers create brilliant summer prints to help you add bright, summery colours to your interiors. Simply read on to discover the different designs available to you and how you can turn your home into a summer oasis.

What do summer prints entail?

Guy Aubertin summer print featuring sunrise on a beach, framed on a grey wall

Summer artwork portrays all the best parts of the summer season and the benefits it brings. British Summer Time brings lighter nights as well as warmer weather, and so summer prints are typically centred around colour, sunshine, blooming flowers, and the animals/insects that we start to see more of.

Summer artwork: Which colours to consider

Summer art prints should always incorporate colour in one way or another. Experimenting with bright and cheerful colours will help to introduce summer to your décor, bringing the associations you have with this season to your home.

The colours weaved into a piece of art are a large part of what brings out its meaning. For instance, artists use bright blue and golden yellow to ensure their design is associated with summer. These colours are often associated with sun, sea, and sand, pursuits that are best appreciated in the brighter months. Similarly, a dusky grey or brown and a sharp, white coloured print is more likely to be associated with autumn and winter respectively, as these colours are associated with darker nights, falling leaves, and snow.

But what are the best colours to consider for your summer prints?

  • Coral pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Scarlet
  • Blue
  • Saffron

Ensure the summer artwork pieces you choose to display in your home are filled with these colours to reflect the season itself. Summery artwork can of course combine the colours listed above, but some will focus on one primary colour, for example by using an eye-catching, summer-themed background colour, like yellow or pink. Whichever suits your current décor is best, so consider where you will be hanging art before purchasing.

Flowers, botanicals, and birds

V&A Mangrove Hummingbird print in black frame above wooden cabinet

Summer prints portray sun-soaked nature, representing the season’s changing weather and blooming wildlife. Affixing floral artwork pieces to your wall is a fantastic way to add this kind of art to your living space. As birds begin to chirp and flowers begin to grow in summer, various artists translate these wonders into masterpieces brimming with colour, capturing the natural beauty that this season brings. Take our Mangrove Hummingbird art piece from the V&A’s archives of birds and botanical prints, for example.

Colourful V&A Mangrove Hummingbird summer print

This illustration depicts several mangrove hummingbirds resting on a thriving trumpet vine plant with bright orange petals, set against a coral pink background. The vibrant hues integrating with birdlife and wildlife will remind you of the sights we see during the summer months. This piece will work well stood against the sideboard in your bedroom or hallway, or hung in your lounge for every houseguest to admire.

Colourful nature pieces

Red Roses summer artwork print by Catherine Rowe hung on pale blue wall

Many animals thrive in summer because it is one of the best times in the year for them. It’s a period where furry friends begin hunting, storing energy for the colder seasons (autumn and winter) and reproducing. Various artists are inspired by this, producing nature prints, to portray the change in season and the joys it brings for all lifeforms.

If you’re hoping to find summer prints that capture the joys of this season, our Hares With Red Roses print by Catherine Rowe is the perfect piece. Catherine depicts two beautiful, brown-furred hares showing affection to one another, set amongst a background of red coloured roses. This design incorporates the typical tropes of summer prints (nature and wildlife) to uplift the walls in your home.

Summer art print by Catherine Rowe featuring flowers and two hares

Colourful landscapes

Snowden Flood Alto Cumulus Castellatus summer artwork in grey frame

Summer wall art pieces also illustrate different landscapes to detail the positive changes that summertime brings. Landscape prints of this kind usually focus on details such as growing crops and blooming fauna and flora in an open field. Our Alto Cumulus Castellatus design by Snowden Flood captures this brilliantly.

The pastel blue sky is awash with calm, puffy clouds, and the two-tone rolling hills, green bushes and bright yellow crops signify the growing season. Display this piece above your fireplace or in your hallway to introduce colour and tranquillity to your home’s entrance.

Scenic photographs

Summer print: Sunrise, Saltwick Bay by Guy Aubertin hung above sideboard

As well as painting or drawing summer themed art prints, many artists take photographs of settings that benefit from this season’s great weather. Professional photography prints of beaches, fields, parks and other scenes portray the beauty of summer wonderfully. This includes pieces like our Summer Sunrise, Saltwick Bay print by Guy Aubertin which captures a stunning beach sunset on a summer evening.

Hang pictures like this one on the wall above the sofa in your living or dining room, alongside other summer wall art designs. The scenic imagery will open up this space and the nature of the setting will bring a calm ambience.

Sunrise, Saltwick Bay summer artwork in black frame, Guy Aubertin

Explore Tall Boy Prints’ summer prints and more

A trio of Tall Boy Prints' framed nature prints hung above kitchen sink

Now you know what summer artwork pieces to add to your home, you can select print(s) best suited to your interiors. Explore our full range of art themes and prints to welcome summer with open arms. Then head over to our blog which covers a variety of other interesting topics.