Top tips for transforming your space into a minimalist paradise

Minimalism continues to remain at the forefront of interior design, with its popularity increasing even more each year. Whether you own an old home, a new home or you have just opened your own gallery, transforming your space into a minimalistic paradise is a must. This type of interior never ages because it’s wonderfully simple, which is a great advantage since various other décor styles can date so easily.

Minimalistic designed living room with coffee table, grey sofa and rising plant pot

To help you achieve a minimalist home, you need to approach your interior design with as little detail as possible whilst maintaining aesthetics. This may sound easy, but it’s not always as straightforward as you’d initially think. Read on to discover how to change your current surroundings and create an impressive yet simple house design.

What does minimalistic design entail?

Minimalistic designed living room with brown sofa, grey throw and dried flowers in vase

Imagine a space that is oozing with charm, entirely clutter-free, and as spacious as possible - that’s minimalist interior design.

It can be tricky to know exactly how to achieve this, but once you get to grips with the key components that go into this décor style, it will begin to come naturally to you.

Minimalist design typically includes simple, comfortable, good quality furnishings, an open floor plan and plenty of light. It’s a genius interior choice because it doesn’t require you to buy copious amounts of ornaments or furniture, but instead uses simplicity as a focal point.

Ideas for a minimalist kitchen

Minimalist home decor in kitchen, including brilliant white cupboards and grey marble surfaces

If you are incorporating minimalist interior design into your kitchen space, then clean, flat surfaces are a must. Part with your old kitchen suite and swap it for a more modern one.

We’d suggest selecting drawers and cabinets without handles attached, as these are much more aesthetically pleasing and suit the look you are trying to achieve. Ensure you choose streamlined cabinet designs with fine lines or sleek curves, too.

If you’re not looking to replace your kitchen any time soon, you could always remove the handles from your current cabinets (provided you can still open them!). Or, if the exterior doesn’t suit the minimalistic look you’re hoping to achieve either, add a lick of paint to transform them entirely. Opt for a dusky grey, a brilliant white, or a brighter colour if you’re feeling brave. Minimalism isn’t about eradicating colour but ensuring it blends seamlessly with the rest of the room.

How to achieve minimalist design in your living room

Brown sofa in living room with white and grey Aztek print

When it comes to minimalist home décor, less is certainly more. Don’t overwhelm your living room space with a collection of items, but focus on a couple of key pieces instead. To bring character to this space, use decorative features as a focal point, rather than garish wallpaper prints and brash coloured walls.

Introduce minimalistic art

Four living room prints from Tall Boy Prints on navy painted wall

Welcoming minimalist living room art into your space will do wonders for your décor. You can use art to truly accentuate the theme you are applying to your lounge.

It’s a great idea to hang a bold painting or graphic above your sofa, or on the wall opposite for guests to admire as they take a seat.

A key piece of advice if you’re going to add minimalist art to your home is to choose just one central piece – or two, maximum. Including one of these inspiring minimalist prints in your space will really open it up rather than clutter the space, which is precisely what you’re hoping to achieve from this look. To achieve minimalism, avoid adding a cluster of prints to your walls, or scattering illustrations around the room.

Choose your colours and textures wisely

Minimalist design in a living room filled with a white and grey Aztek rug, wooden chairs and white sofa

Ensure you stick largely to a monochromatic colour scheme across your home, which includes the likes of greys, whites, and beiges. This colour palette is typical of minimalist décor, as it lets you appreciate the simpler things and gives your mind unlimited access to calming colours.

Blending different textures and shades ensures that despite the calmer colour scheme, you’re still adding interest and warmth to your home. You could strip your walls and add linen wallpaper on one wall, and paint the other an off-grey colour. You could purchase a fluffy white rug or perhaps even a monochrome patterned one, alongside cushions with contrasting materials and finishes. The different textures of each will add a premium touch that’s delightful but not too overstated.

Our finest minimalist furniture ideas

minimalist furniture in kitchen consisting of chic wooden table and Eiffel style chairs

The minimalist in you requires only the furniture you’ll use frequently, so the pieces you do introduce to your home need to be perfect. Each piece of furniture you decide to add to your living room space needs to complement the other.

Remove any unused, excess items and, if you need to, replace them with other furniture that you know you’ll use again and again. You may not need to change up your furniture at all, though - it just depends on whether you really need what you have already, or whether it has just been gathering dust and it’s time for something new.

What’s expected of a minimalist house is essential pieces of complementary furniture rather than multiple, similar items. For instance, a sofa, coffee table and wooden TV stand are all that’s needed for your living room, whereas a metal bed frame, bedroom wall art, a quirky sideboard and a chic clothes rail are ideal pieces for your boudoir.

Uncover more interior insights 

Four contemporary art prints from Tall Boy Prints on midnight blue painted wall, adjacent to a sideboard and vase

All of these minimalist room designs will work wonders for your home. You could even pass on this article to your friends if they are moving house or redecorating.

If you’re hoping to discover additional insights into minimalist design and home décor, visit our blog and read informative articles on how to create gallery wall art for your interiors and more. You can also peruse our collection of contemporary art prints as well as our other stunning pieces to hang in your newly designed space.