Christmas gift ideas for art lovers

Art installation creating a Christmas tree out of different coloured circles

As the evenings become darker and the frosty weather makes an appearance, we’re all aware that the 25th of December is arriving soon.

As much as this merry time of year brings us joy, it also requires us to start searching for the perfect Christmas present for our loved ones. Naturally, you’ll want to spoil them with gifts they will treasure forever, but if they adore the art world and everything that comes with it, you might want to spend a little longer deciding which present is best. That’s where we can help.

If you’re hoping to find new Christmas gift ideas for the art connoisseur in your life, read through these fantastic ideas, compiled with their artistic tastes in mind. Get ready to discover the ideal gift for them this year, which will suit their keen interest in art.

A collection of art books

Christmas art present: An open book featuring a romanticism painting

It would be easy to list art supplies as an incredible gift for the art fanatic in your life this festive season, but they likely have enough already, or need very specific tools that will be hard to gift as a surprise. Instead, you could opt for art books. Perhaps you know one that has taken their fancy over the last year that they haven’t got round to buying – but if not, there are plenty of books on topics that would interest any art lover.

Learning about art and the many different genres there are on the market is just as interesting as seeing original artwork and poster prints in a gallery. This is especially true for the special person in your life who’s keen to further educate themselves on art and all it represents.

Selecting the style of book they would delight in the most depends on the person you have in mind, and there are so many options. It could be anything from an impressively sized, image-heavy book filled with fascinating pictures and little text, a paperback featuring the history behind a particular era of art, or even a fictional novel about an artist. There are also many fascinating books that discuss the history behind your recipient’s favourite artists, such as Basquiat Boom for Real, published by Prestel.

Buying art books as a Christmas present also adds to the aesthetic of your friend’s home. This is particularly applicable if their décor is classically minimalist. They can use the books as a feature and stack your gifts on their coffee table to suit their contemporary style interiors!

A museum or art gallery pass

The exterior of the V&A in London

Sourcing thoughtful Christmas presents for artists, or simply your nearest and dearest who take great interest in the art scene is a great feeling. When you hand over a present to one of your pals on the 25th, you want it to be something that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. That’s why buying an art gallery pass is so thoughtful, as they may have craved this luxury for some time, and now you’re giving them access to it!

One option is purchasing a V&A membership for that friend or family member you think would love it the most and really put it to good use. This is one of the more unusual Christmas gifts you can choose from, which makes it that little bit more special – we guarantee they won’t get two of these under the Christmas tree. It will give your loved one free and unlimited access to all the exhibitions at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and they can also reap many other benefits too, including exclusive Members’ Room access and priority booking for special events.

If you’re looking to truly spoil the art lover in your life, you could splash out on an Extra Card Membership, which is an upgrade from the standard membership. This is a brilliant Christmas present because your lucky recipient can take a guest along with them when they visit.

Drawing or painting lessons

A black and white image of a painting class for a Christmas present idea

Another unique present idea is a gift voucher for a drawing or painting class this Christmas. This is an excellent idea because it provides the opportunity for your giftee to try their hand at art, rather than simply appreciating it in museums and galleries.

There are plenty of art classes to choose from dotted across the internet, all which provide these services. If your loved one has never taken a class of this kind before so you’re not sure what they’d enjoy, we’d recommend considering whether they prefer buying abstract illustration art prints and paintings, or realist drawings for their home. Selecting the class that corresponds with the artwork they like the most will stand you in good stead.

Christmas present ideas don’t get much better than this one. It shows originality and that you’ve thought about their aspirations and desires when choosing their gift this year.

One of our amazing art prints

Special edition festive Christmas present print: Secret Garden by Lucie Cox

Buying a captivating print is a magnificent way to bring in Christmas. Wall art is super versatile and such a great idea for the people in your life who appreciate a good piece of artwork or interior design. Neatly wrapping one of our prime pieces and popping it under the tree this festive season is sure to turn heads, and your recipient will rush to hang it up in their home to show it off.

Framed Secret Garden print by Lucie Cox hung on red wall above wooden cabinet

Choose from V&A inspired pieces like our alphabet posters range, with the first initial of their name featuring on the front. If they have a keen eye for impeccable photography, our reinterpreted, high-fashion John French photography art prints will be sure to please. Alternatively, if they love their pet as much as they love design, our line of animal artwork will go down a treat this Xmas.

Perhaps even purchase one of our city prints; you can choose one which features their favourite metropolis landmark on the front to make it personal to them. With so many different prints on offer, you’ll have no trouble finding the right one to suit their style, and they’ll be in awe as soon as they open this present.

Start shopping for art-inspired Christmas presents now

A collection of painted Christmas cards laid on a table beside a paint palette

After reading through our handy list of Christmas present ideas, you’ll now know exactly what to purchase for the art enthusiast in your life. Begin your shopping adventure by browsing through our diverse collections of art prints.

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