Meet The Artist: Natasha Newton

Welcome to our spotlight on artist Natasha Newton!
At Tall Boy Prints, we work with a mix of exceptionally talented artists so that we can provide styles to suit everyone. One of these artists is Natasha Newton, who creates highly original art inspired by the landscape of the UK. We know our customers love to get to know the artist who has helped make their house a home with beautiful prints, so without further ado, let us tell you a bit more about Natasha Newton!
Natasha is both artist and illustrator, living in two beautiful locations; Suffolk with its vast skies and seascapes, and Surrey, the most densely-wooded county in the UK. Her paintings are frequently inspired by these landscapes – particularly the Surrey Hills and the coastline of Suffolk - as well as other beautiful locations around the UK.
Image of Natasha Newton with paints
Natasha Newton is a traditional painter - all of her pieces are created meticulously by hand with an emphasis on quality and precision. She prefers to work slowly and intentionally, taking time to enjoy the process of creating art and allowing the pieces to evolve at their own pace. The resulting depth of colour and seemingly endless layers, combined with homely subjects in each design, create a peaceful and nostalgic atmosphere. 
This artistic process and insight is shared regularly on YouTube and in the form of a podcast, which we highly recommend looking at if you are drawn to  Natasha's prints on our website. 
Natasha tries to convey the magic and mystery of the natural world through her work. She is particularly inspired by autumn and winter as she finds these seasons beautifully nostalgic and evocative. Contemporary landscapes are Natasha Newton’s speciality, crafted with several layers of colour, texture, and pattern.
Natasha started her career as a fine art painter, exhibiting work at numerous galleries throughout the UK and overseas. As well as this exciting new licensing collaboration with Tall Boy, Natasha also sells original artwork through her online shop.
Natasha’s prints are extremely popular – in fact, her print design ‘Nestled Amongst The Trees’ is our best seller so far. These prints are certainly pieces to shout about, and will also make for inspired gifts for proud homeowners everywhere, bringing depth and originality into any space.