Mother's Day gift ideas for mums who love art

That special day is almost here again. That one day of the year where we set everything else aside to celebrate just how great our mums are (not that we don’t appreciate them all year round!)

Mother’s Day is all about indulging your mum and giving her the day off. She gets breakfast in bed, her favourite flowers, a card, and of course, presents. And for mums who love art, that means you’ll need some art-inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas.

For the art aficionado mums out there, nothing is going to be more memorable and treasured than a Mother’s Day art gift. Whether that’s a trip to the museum of their dreams, or making life-long memories by trying out her arty hobbies together, all art mums are going to love an art-themed Mother’s Day.

So, get your notepads and pencils ready for some fresh Mother’s Day art ideas to get you inspired and excited for the day. 

Take your mum to her favourite museum this Mother's Day

Visit her favourite art museum

When it comes to art ideas for Mother’s Day, what could be more classic than a trip to her favourite art museum or gallery?

It could be your local gallery, a world-famous museum, or it might even be a stately home that has pieces she loves. Either way, a day out to the art location that means the most to her is one of the best gift ideas for mum on Mother’s Day.

You can spend the day appreciating the fine works that call the museum home, learning or relearning their history, and ultimately enjoying some quality time together as your mum soaks in everything she loves about her passion.

Many local museums also provide art gallery passes, like the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. If you can’t go to her favourite gallery that day, then another great Mother’s Day art idea is to gift her a museum pass instead. If anything, she’ll be spoilt rotten by being able to visit her favourite gallery whenever she wants.

And, of course, if you’re planning on going international, then you’ll get to see all the artistic sights of your city of choice as an added bonus on your trip.

Enjoy a painting class together

Take her to an art class

No matter if your mum simply appreciates the craftsmanship of an artistic work, or likes to get her hands coated in paint, when it comes to fantastic gift ideas for mums who love art, you can’t go wrong by treating her to an art class of her preferred style.

Impressionism, surrealism, contemporary art - whatever style your mum prefers, you’ve plenty of choices when it comes to art classes. You can go local or make the class part of an art-themed day out.

At the end of the day, you’ll both have a piece of art you can look fondly upon once it’s hung above the mantlepiece. And not only will your mum be able to try her hand at the craft she most appreciates, but she’ll get to learn all the tips and tricks from an art expert as well. 

Trying your hand at her art hobby

Given that a core theme of Mother’s Day is spending quality time with your mum, what could be better when it comes to art ideas for Mother’s Day than sitting down with her and trying your hand at the craft she loves most?

Whether it’s drawing, painting, or something else entirely, get your hands on some sketchpads, easels, paints, or whatever other tools and materials you need well in advance.

This preparation means that all you’ll have to do on Mother’s Day is to put the kettle on or break out the wine and immerse yourself in the beauty of the artwork.

Buy her some art-themed gifts

If you’re still struggling for gift ideas for mum and you’re not able to take her out on the day, then there’s always room for some art-themed gifts instead.

When looking at Mother’s Day art ideas, think about the kind of art your mum loves best. Is it abstract styles, perhaps post-modernism? Maybe she simply loves classic renaissance works?

Whatever her preferred works, the sheer range of art-themed books and famous prints out there means you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding between your Mother’s Day art ideas.

You can even have these personalised to add that extra special touch. Just be sure to find out your mum’s preferred style well before Mother’s Day.

Treat your mum to a thoughtful print from Tall Boy

Buy her a Tall Boy print

And finally, another great choice when it comes to art gift ideas for mums is to gift her one of our exquisite Tall Boy prints.

Wall art is an incredibly dynamic gift idea, allowing you to find the perfect pieces that you know your mum will love. We have botanical prints and floral artwork, as well as works from the likes of Ally Gore and Kate Heiss. You might even want to gift her one of our cityscapes if she has a particular city she loves.

Whatever prints you pick, you can be sure they’ll be delivered well before Mother’s Day, meaning you’ll have the perfect personalised gift for your mum to decorate her home with.

These are just a few art ideas for Mother’s Day that you can try out; they might even have inspired you with one of your own. If you do have art gifts in mind, then you can start browsing through our curated collection of art prints right now.

We have a huge range of prints available, made exclusively by the talented Tall Boy artists we work with. All our prints are carefully curated and of the highest quality, so you know you’ll be getting your mum a gift that will last for years to come.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to learn even more about art, you can read more articles like this one on our blog.