The best artists and prints for dog lovers

Dogs are brilliant animals; they are affectionate and loyal, not to mention absolutely adorable. Even more so, they provide an excellent muse for artists and designers across the globe. These four-legged friends can be painted and drawn to create brilliant dog art designs, which once framed, can be stood against your desk alongside your other office prints or across various rooms in your home.

Framed dachshund dog print in black frame

Here at Tall Boy Prints, we collaborate with a number of talented artists, some of whom produce dog wall art pieces that can transform even the simplest walls and can inject colour and personality into your décor. Simply read on to find out which illustrations we offer to bring animal artwork to your décor.

Quoted dog designs 

Pale pink 'Dogs over Diamonds' print in black frame

Many people think that the dogs in art pieces are the primary focus of the print, but many artists also bring a personal flair to their designs, using quotes to portray their own and other people’s shared passion for these cute canines.

Our Dogs Over Diamonds print by Claire Mayes is a perfect example of how artwork can depict the love people feel for dogs, using text and illustration to do so. This pale, pink coloured print features a personal quote “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… no sorry dogs, dogs are a girl’s best friend!”, with a black image of a miniature dachshund. Designs like this one allow you to add understated dog wall art to your décor, which is ideal if you’re hoping to channel your love for dogs into your home, without it being overbearing.

Cute dog art portraitsBlack framed portrait dog print of Dalmatian with red collar with pink background

Dog art prints are excellent because they come in different formats, created by artists with distinct visions which, in turn, bring bright and detailed artwork for you to display across your home. If you particularly adore colourful dog portraits full of character and detail, our Dalmatian piece by Emily Brooks will suit your tastes.

The colourful pink background and boldly designed black and white hues used to depict this dog’s patterned fur adds true texture to your walls. Plus, this piece will bring you sheer joy as you pass by it hung up in your hallway, constantly reminding you of your adoration for this beautiful animal.  

On-trend dachshund prints

If your interiors are more contemporary in style, select modern artwork which includes the most on-trend puppy breed, the dachshund. Illustrations featuring this dog breed ensure your interiors remain stylish while still incorporating this amazing animal. You may own one (or more) yourself, which means you have a keen desire to display pictures of these dogs in your living space.

Dachshund designs by various artists

The Frank & Bouquet print by Claire Mayes and Emily Lester from our dog art collection introduces vibrant colour to your space. This detailed drawing features a dachshund in a blue spotty coat holding a bright bouquet of flowers in its mouth. Hanging a piece like this one in your home brings splashes of colour to any wall and is so aesthetically pleasing.

Dachshund dog print of dog with floral bouquet

These two gifted artists have also produced Three Franks, featuring three dachshunds in a portrait view, with pale green, red and pink coats on. Each dog has a different expression on their faces and this piece calls to all dog lovers who appreciate this beautiful breed. The final piece by these artists is Multiple Franks which as its name denotes, is a print focusing on several dachshunds. It takes inspiration from their Three Franks print, but with additional dogs featuring on the design.

Multicoloured dachshund dog print with brown background

Another sublime example of dog artwork is our Sausage Dogs piece by Kerry Lister. It is great for those of you who adore quirkier dog designs which toy with the traditional image of this puppy. This print is almost vintage looking in appearance due to the brown kraft effect background, along with the bold blue, green, white, and pink hues used to portray the dogs’ leaf designed body. You could stand this piece on a sideboard, on a shelf, or simply affix it to a wall in the room it would complement the most. 

Notable artists who paint dogs 

As well as the wonderful artists we collaborate with, there are so many inspiring artists who have brought desirable dog designs to the art world. We’ve discussed a couple of key artists to educate you further on dog art and what greater meanings these prints bring to the art world.

Keith Haring 

American pop art artist Keith Haring once designed ‘Barking Dogs’, which was one of his most iconic designs. This artist regularly plastered these contemporary dog motifs across subway stations in New York City back in the 1980s. Today, you can purchase these dog wall art prints which represent more than just the animal itself. They were first introduced by Haring to portray the oppression of the world. The barking dog acted as a symbol to depict the oppressive power structures prevalent at the time of 1980s America. For this reason, displaying an animal print like this in your home would be sure to spark conversations.

Mercedes Kelly

Mercedes Kelly produced ‘Puppy Portraits’, which consisted of playful paintings of different breeds of dog. This artist is so invested in dog artwork, she creates custom, commissioned pet portraits upon request. If you are hoping to bring your personal pets to life through art, this is the artist to contact.  

Purchase cute dog art for your home

Framed Dalmatian portrait print hung on teal wall above sideboard with candlestick and books

With so many varieties of dog artwork to uncover, there will be something in our range that suits your personal preferences perfectly. Explore our full range of dog artwork today and begin hanging your favourite pieces in the most prized spots across your home.

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