Bathroom wall art

The bathroom is a space in the house that you frequently use, but perhaps abandon when it comes to artwork. Yet this is the room where you’ll unwind in a steaming-hot bubble bath or take a relaxing shower. It can also be the spot you groom yourself in by adding the finishing touches to your makeup or styling your hair before you leave for the day ahead.

Even if you’re only spending short bursts of time in this room, the space still calls for vibrancy, detail and colour to be incorporated, and our collection of bathroom wall art will help you achieve exactly that.

Diverse pieces of art for bathrooms

You may not spend a large amount of time in your bathroom, but that’s not to say it shouldn’t feature interesting artwork for you, and those who visit your home, to admire.

Whether you are a budding artist, an art collector or you simply adore adding new depth to your current interiors, bathroom art injects sudden personality into your . Some pieces can bring a calming, relaxing element to this space, which is what makes them ideal gifts for new homeowners, or as a special treat to yourself.

Bathroom art ideas

Despite the bathroom being a space designed for daily use, it is often overlooked when considering the different rooms to hang artwork in. Yet observing art can make you feel at ease, and the bathroom should always be a relaxing place to be.

Incorporating prints into this room will certainly help paint a picture of how you want to feel while you’re spending time in this space, and selecting pieces of art for bathroom walls isn’t as difficult as you may think. You could start with bathroom wall art featuring light or central blue hues , as this is the kind traditionally incorporated into this space.

Floral wall art is also perfect for adding a splash of nature to this room, such as the likes of Ally Gore's Blue print, which is filled with varying patterns and bright colours that still blend seamlessly with this room’s ambience.

You could even hang a city print on your wall for a cosmopolitan feel, or select a trio of your favourites to sit on the biggest wall in your bathroom. This will add intrigue to your space, as guests will want to hear all about your adventures spent in the places that mean a lot to you, or your travel dreams for the future.

The best bathroom artwork for your home

Interesting landscape prints, such as Snowden Flood’s Alto Cumulus Castellatus act as excellent wall art for bathrooms with neutral walls and interiors. Illustrative artwork could also work wonders for your bathroom. Simply hang one of these colourful pieces above your bath and make it the centrepiece of this space. Do consider the size and layout of your bathroom beforehand, though, as your artwork should blend into the decor, not overwhelm it, especially in a smaller room.

The likes of minimalistic art prints and contemporary wall art will work seamlessly with more simple bathroom interiors, too. But, if you’re hoping to vivify your space with rich colours, our collection of blue, green and red prints will suit your new décor ideas perfectly.

Incorporate bathroom wall art into your space

Choose from an array of interesting bathroom artwork pieces to add to this spot in the house. You may want to buy one of these prints as a gift for a close companion if they’ve just moved house, or are looking to reinvent their current bathroom designs. Purchasing one of these pieces will liven up their bathroom walls instantly and start conversations amongst those visiting their new home.

Simply discover our remarkable range of bathroom art to complement your, or your closest companions’, home.

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