Chris Chun

Our collection of Chris Chun artwork adds a touch of colour to any wall. Chris Chun is an artist who brings to life the beauty of simplicity through his carefully crafted designs, portraying items that are typically dotted around the home and giving them a place in the art world.

Exploration is key to Chris’ art pieces, with hidden details emerging when you study his prints more carefully. He states that collectors often discuss the excitement of new revelations found from his art, long after they have been purchased, noticing subtle designs weaved into the background of his prints.

A background on Chris Chun 

Chris Chun is an Australian Chinese textile designer and artist. He creates superb pieces that fall under a new style of art, coined as ‘Chunoiserie’ by collectors, who deem themselves and others interested in his prints as ‘Chunistas’. Each of the prints he produces merges pattern and colour seamlessly to create showstopping art pieces that add interest and bright colours to your interiors.

Growing up in a creative household spurred Chris’ interest in art. Memories of his childhood home are filled with colour, which he incorporates into his artwork. Chris’ connection with nature is prevalent in the art he creates too. For instance, he creates coloured pictures of fresh fruit sitting on the dining table, and designs pictures of vases filled with flowers and other ornaments typically found across people’s homes. His subtle hint to floral wall art is expertly designed, in a way that appeals even to people for whom flower prints aren’t typically a first choice.

Chris’ use of watercolour paint and blotting techniques results in unique designs filled with subtle instances of colour. His art pieces will make perfect additions to your home, suiting many different spaces, as he includes everyday items around the home such as kitchen shelving, teapots, mugs, and bowls in his prints. Chris’ appreciation for the natural world and its brilliance also led him to produce art that helps the environment, using as many sustainable materials as possible to create his masterpieces.

Hang Chris Chun’s art across your home

Chris Chun’s artwork looks incredible in contemporary, minimalist, and even vintage-style interiors. His work looks great displayed next to other examples of kitchen art on a feature wall. You could even place Chris’ prints on a shelf above your stove, accompanied by decorative kitchen trinkets.

If you have a loved one who adores colourful trinkets and floral patterns, or simply requires some new artwork to uplift their interiors, Chris Chun is an artist to look out for. With such beautiful framed artwork, you can purchase black, white, and ash-coloured framed prints from our Chris Chun collection to bring sophisticated colours to your living space.

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