Coastal wall art

The coastline is an astonishing natural wonder that’s admired across the world, including spectacular areas of the UK. Because of the sheer beauty coastal settings provide, many talented artists use these scenes and backdrops as their muse to create incredible illustration art prints. What’s brilliant about this diverse collection of coastal wall art is that each print can be displayed across different areas of your home, from your kitchen walls to your hallway.

So, what does coastal art entail?

As the coastline refers to the land found along the coast, artists use this as their focus, creating designs filled with familiar but wonderful sights that feature along the shore. Coastal wall art includes drawings, paintings, or photographs of subjects found by the coast such as the seashore, beach scenery, and rugged coastal barriers (cliffs). Nautical prints featuring images of sailors and their ships out on the shore are often illustrated by artists, too, depicting the people you would spot by the shores.

The coastal prints from this collection are great examples of landscape artwork, and the various colours and techniques used make them versatile pieces, which can be easily incorporated into your interiors. Every print in this range is a wonderful reminder of how attractive and detailed nature is, whether it portrays the golden sands of the beach or the intricacies of Hunstanton Cliffs in Norfolk, shown in Sarah Watson’s brilliant design.  

Beach wall art 

When imagining the coast, your mind instantly reverts to the seaside. The talented artists we work with have turned your imagination into scenery that can exist beyond your memories, to be framed and displayed on your walls forevermore.

You might be looking to add prints to your existing collection of bathroom artwork. If you are, the beach prints from this remarkable line of illustrations will match perfectly. For instance, Emma Ball’s beach art prints portray the busy scenery at popular seaside spots such as Staithes in the borough of Scarborough, Crail in Scotland, and Port Isaac in North Cornwall. Emma Ball uses watercolour paint to depict the various colours of the coastline and the typical birdlife that inhabits areas by the sea.

Uncover our range of coastal prints

Find your favourite pieces of coastal art to display on the walls in various rooms of your home. If you’re looking to buy for someone else’s interests, purchase coastal prints that your loved ones will enjoy, and ensure you take their interests and passions into account.

For instance, our Guy Aubertin photography prints greatly appeal to photography enthusiasts, as well as if your friends/family often venture outside to enjoy the sunrise or a stunning sunset. If this sounds perfect for someone close to you, Guy’s ‘Summer Sunrise, Saltwick Bay’ art print will make an ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

Simply explore the coastal wall art pieces from our range to hang in your - or someone else’s - home.

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