Fashion art prints

Fashion art prints

If you’re a true lover of fashion in all its forms, this magnificent collection of prints will excite you greatly, simply because it’s so varied.

Adding fashion artwork to your walls is a fantastic way of showcasing one of your passions and incorporating a bit of ‘you’ into your home décor. This series of fashion art prints are specially selected by our team, featuring illustrations from some of the finest artists and photographers in the business.

These designs will marry well with any current contemporary art prints hanging on your walls, and also make great additions to a more minimalistic space. This is because they bring a subtle charm to your décor that can often be so hard to achieve.

Not to mention, any piece in this collection can be bought for your friends and family members when they are moving home, especially if they are fashion lovers too. Although if you are strictly interested in this artwork for yourself and your own place, that’s completely understandable.

Fashion illustration prints for each room

You can easily integrate this style of art into any room in your home, adding a quirky but sophisticated touch to your already charismatic décor. That’s the real beauty of fashion artwork; it’s completely adaptable. From black and white prints, through to soft and feminine pink wall art, there's something for everyone.

Add fashion wall art to your living room

It may be that your living room needs a little artistic touch, and our fashion posters will make for an impressive centrepiece above your fireplace. You could also hang one of our prints behind your new couch for visitors to admire as they walk in. This type of artwork will certainly spark conversation amongst your peers and add real glamour to your home.

Bring character to your cooking space

Hang one of these prime pieces on your kitchen wall and pair it with your existing kitchen wall art to really transform your interior. It may be that you’re starting your collection afresh, which means you can centre this room around fashion influences that are integral to your tastes and personality. The kitchen and dining area are often overlooked when it comes to this type of art, but they shouldn’t be.

Fashion art photography for your walls

Alongside our remarkable range of fashion posters, we provide reproduced fashion art photography prints captured by John French. His classic, black and white images make remarkable additions to your walls and bring a creative flair to your current bedroom wall art installation. If you don’t currently have any artwork hanging in your sleeping space, one of John French’s art prints will truly set the tone of the room.

Place expertly captured photographs of Pattie Boyd and Jean Shrimpton on a freestanding shelf, or add prints featuring forward-thinking clothing items to your walls, like André Courrèges’ iconic Trouser Suit.

Introduce framed fashion prints to your home

If someone in your life has a keen eye for fashion, one of these prints, posters or photographs will suit their space perfectly. It may be that you’re simply interested in these designs for yourself, in which case you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with ease.

All that’s left to do now is uncover the fashion artwork we have to offer, choose your favourite, decide whether you want it framing, and await its arrival at your door.

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Vanity Fair fashion shoot art print
Size: 500x400

This fantastic range of reproduced V&A fashion photography prints bring the work of famous fa...

This fantastic range of reproduced V&A fashion photography prints bring the work of famous fashion photographer, John French, to your living space. This photographer’s work centres on different womenswear, captured in different settings and always shot in black and white. Easily introduce this and other pieces from this series to your home, or send as a present to your closest friends and family. This Vanity Fair Fashion Shoot art print allows you to exhibit your passions for style and fa...

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