Orange wall art

Introducing orange wall art to your home adds a pop of colour to your walls, which is why so many people love prints from this collection. The talented artists we work with incorporate orange into their carefully crafted designs, using noticeable or subtle instances of this colour. Our orange prints are perfect if you’re looking to add cheerful artwork to your space. From photographs to portrait wall art, this selection of prints incorporate orange beautifully, bringing a new lease of life to your walls.  

Different orange art styles

Countless artists make the colour orange a central feature of their work to add vibrancy and depth to the setting, subject, or details they are illustrating. For instance, many landscape artists use orange to highlight the glowing hues of a beachside sunrise or sunset. This style of artwork will suit your bathroom wonderfully by hanging a piece above your bath and bringing warmth to the decor. Your living room is another great spot; you can uplift the walls in this space by placing landscape designs featuring orange on the wall above your sofa or fireplace.

To add a touch of this colour to your walls, Scandinavian art prints will work wonderfully. This simple yet beautiful collection brings small splashes of colour to your home, without overpowering your minimalistic décor. Claire Mayes’ illustration ‘Form’ is a great example of this, focusing on fine line detail with a single orange dot to introduce colour to cleaner, whiter walls.

Orange prints: Where to hang them? 

This collection of orange artwork allows you to liven up your living space by brightening the various walls in your home. If you’re looking to inject bright colours into your workspace with office art prints, there is a host of options for you to choose from. Hang our recreations of the V&A’s alphabet posters on your walls to transform this space into a colourful haven.

Introducing orange posters like this adds personalisation to this room, as you can purchase the first letter of your name whilst featuring your favourite colour. Plus, the orange brings a bright touch to your décor. Perhaps even display one of these pieces in your hallway or living room, pairing your alphabet print with your partner’s or housemate’s initial, too.

Explore our orange art prints

Find several orange prints from our collection to dot across your home to bring this uplifting artwork to your interiors. With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to discover your favourite in no time. Decide which area of your home you wish to add orange art prints to first, then start your search for the best pieces.

Our orange wall art is also ideal if you’re hoping to find framed prints. Select from three different colours and two sizes, then pair your chosen piece(s) with existing artwork displayed on your walls.

Alternatively, if a close friend adores the colour orange, pieces from this range will match their interests perfectly. Simply send one of these prints to their front door and look out for it hanging proudly on their wall when you next visit their home.

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