This incredible collection of Snowtap prints has been designed by Susy Snow and Gracie Tapner, the two talented artists behind this brand. Each print from this series is creative and colourful. With a key focus on animal posters that are light and playful in humour and exquisitely detailed, Susy and Gracie’s work can instantly uplift and brighten the décor in any room of your home.

Snowtap: A little history

Susy Snow and Gracie Tapner met while studying illustration at the University of Westminster. After university, Gracie started her journey in the art world by designing pieces for popular companies including John Lewis and Laura Ashley, and continues to do this today alongside her work for Snowtap. Susy’s introduction to art began in freelance illustration, as well as in her role as an in-house graphic designer.

Enjoying individual ventures separately after graduating, the duo then joined together to establish Snowtap in 2016, which came to fruition after the two met for a catch-up in Kings Cross. Their collaboration has resulted in brilliant and bright prints that incorporate different animals, often with accompanying calligraphy, that will introduce a glimpse of comedy and character to your space.

Where to display Snowtap designs

The vibrant illustration art pieces that Snowtap design will suit a range of areas in your living space. Susy and Gracie’s humorous designs include an array of charismatic animals - including giraffes, pandas, octopi, turtles, panthers and dinosaurs – to bring character to your walls.

In a different way to our collection of nature prints, our Snowtap pieces feature pale background colours, so that the adorable animal(s) depicted are the focus of each piece. This enables you to play with varying tones in rooms that are simple in appearance, to match the minimalistic artwork that may currently displayed on your walls.

All of the prints in this collection make ideal additions to your existing kids' wall art pieces, displayed in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Spotting the designs on offer may incentivise you to begin hanging some wonderful art pieces in their sleeping space. Alternatively, you could affix prints to match your current bedroom wall art.

Display Snowtap prints across your home

Peruse this varied collection of Snowtap prints on offer and source ideal designs that complement your current décor, or find new pieces to transform and elevate your interiors. Once you have found the perfect place to hang your chosen piece, you may wish to return to this extensive range of designs to hang in different rooms throughout your home.

A loved one may spring to mind when browsing through Susy and Gracie’s prints, in which case, ensure you send a design their way “just because”, or for a big celebration. Simply enjoy browsing through this superb selection of prints, whether you buy illustrations from this series for your home or someone else’s.

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