By room

Great artwork should always be displayed in the spots you love the most to draw attention to your favourite designs. That’s precisely why we’ve categorised every wonderful art piece in our range by room; doing so provides a seamless journey towards helping you create your perfect interior.

Alternatively, it may be that loved ones in your life have just relocated and moved into their dream home. If they have, they will be looking for creative ideas to transform the décor, so it looks both personal and unique. The vast collection of artwork in this range will help you to help them achieve this easily, as you won’t have to waste time wondering what to buy for their housewarming gift. 

Why choose art prints by room? 

By splitting our art by room, each marvellous print is organized in a way that incites new ideas for your home’s décor. Adding creativity to your space should never be a complicated process, which is why we aim to filter our artwork in the best way possible.

You may have noticed a particular room looking bare, and decided it’s missing something. That ‘something’ is probably art, which will bring character to your walls and uplift your interiors as a result.

Choosing artwork by room also helps to whittle down your options. You can envision where certain pieces you’ve seen will fit in your home because you’re only focusing on one room at a time. For instance, a landscape artwork piece may really stand out to you as you’re searching for bathroom wall art, which you may not have initially thought to use in this space, had it not been categorised.

The same can be said for your hallway, an area you may not have considered for artwork until browsing a whole section dedicated to it, featuring everything from city prints to floral designs.

How to choose art for the different rooms in your home 

So, we’ve helpfully split our art collections by category, but you may still require a little background knowledge to help make your search easier. Before purchasing a print, it’s important to focus on what each room represents and what it brings to your daily life.

When considering bedroom wall art, ensure you select prints that are calming, perhaps featuring lighter hues of blue, pale green or yellow. This space is where you unwind and sink into your bed each evening, and avoiding bold, flamboyant prints can help with this process. There’s always a place for flamboyance though; our vivid, V&A inspired retro pop art prints would add excitement to your lounge, and can contrast perfectly with other styles of living room wall art.

Then there is dining room art to consider. We recommend opting for stylish yet neutral prints since this is a social area often shared with guests. Travel art pieces would work wonderfully in this area, for example. As for your cooking space, this is an area where you can get creative by adding a trio of photographs or unique posters besides your existing kitchen wall art designs.

Perhaps recently you’ve noticed some sublime office art prints hanging on the walls in your friend’s working space. This may have inspired you to add artwork to your own office, and if so, you can browse our assorted art styles to find the designs that best complement this room.

Find elegant artwork to hang in each room

The brilliant prints we offer will add a new layer of interest to any room in your home. Simply peruse our diverse range of designs, select your favourite pieces, and wait for the delivery to your door.

All that’s required then is to frame this new artwork and display it in the rooms you’ve chosen especially. You will instantly fall in love with the change these prints bring to your interiors.