This colourful artwork collection is categorised by the hues each art print brings to life. The intricate use of colour brightens even slight details, helping each masterpieces truly come to life.

Colourful prints can transform a simple wall into an exciting one, which is why injecting colour into your interiors should be a main focus when it comes to decorating. No matter how light or dark the shades you choose are, they’ll bring a new dimension to your home that is transformational. Introducing different tones to a room further adds to its character, which is the beauty of displaying these designs across your home.

Bring colour to your space

Experimenting with colour is key to creating stylish yet cheerful décor, and will bring joy to you and any guest who enters your living space. These prints have the power to do just that.

Colourful artwork can completely brighten a space and add to its ambience, although it’s important to recognise that it’s not just the obvious sunshine yellows and other brighter colours that complement your décor. Black and white artwork uses colour differently in your home; this type of art adds a modern touch and can help tone down more lively paint and print colours.

How to incorporate colourful artwork

When you’re displaying colourful prints on your walls, it’s best to start with a neutral space, using the artwork’s many shades to build colour rather than decorating with vibrant paints or overpowering wallpaper and then finding your colourful prints are too much. Simply add new pieces with diverse colours alongside your other kitchen artwork, or introduce one of these prints as a standalone piece on the feature wall in your living room. The choice is all yours and the results will be flawless.

Style and colour go hand in hand

You may be wondering which style of print falls into this category, and the simple answer is: all of them!

Warmer colours that are prevalent in contemporary wall art allow our minds to rest. The tones naturally bring a feeling of calm which works wonders with minimalistic interiors, and landscape art pieces are perfect for more serene-feeling additions that still hold a lot of colour. These designs mix different hues and match brilliantly with the existing blue wall art usually hung up in bathrooms, and the same can be said for any green artwork pieces you own.

On the other side of the spectrum, our V&A inspired retro pop art prints are an excellent choice for those of you who are hoping to add a major burst of colour to your home, as this style centres bold, contrasting colours to make a statement. For instance, our reinterpreted V&A alphabet posters from this range add personalisation to your walls alongside vivid colour, using red block fonts which are highly impactful. 

Uncover our incredible collection

The various prints we sell incorporate your favourite colours and are all carefully categorised to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Explore our remarkable range of colourful artwork and choose your favourites according to your décor.

If you’re not searching for yourself but for someone dear to you, our colourful prints make ideal presents. Suitable for all occasions, including housewarming, birthday and even anniversary gifts, these designs are guaranteed to uplift their mood - and their interiors.

Browse through this collection of pieces and find the prints most suited to either your tastes or theirs. With so many to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.