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Corrina Rothwell artist profile.
Licensed Artist

Corrina Rothwell

Corrina Rothwell is a contemporary Nottingham artist who creates beautiful abstract artwork, featuring industrial scenery and vivid colours. 

Apart from a brief stint on an art foundation course, Corrina is completely self-taught. For the past 20 years she has been continuously developing her art style, from making hand-painted cushion covers and screen-printing to creating greeting cards and abstract paintings.

When it comes to finding inspiration for creating her paintings.  Corrina states that it's always been the act of painting that inspires her and keeps her coming back for more. 

Like many artists, Corrina states that her art can be all-encompassing. Everything she does feeds into her art, or the other way around. When she does find time outside of work, Corrina can be found reading, cooking, watching films, poking around on beaches and daydreaming.