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Stuart Cox artist profile.
Licensed Artist

Stuart Cox

Let us introduce you to Stuart Cox, founder and creator of the wonderful I Like Birds illustrations.

Stuart's story starts from humble beginnings; as a way to keep in contact with his Mum (who lived hundreds of miles away), Stuart began to work on some of these unique and colourful illustrations to send to his beloved mother, as a way of communication.

Unfortunately, after a short time Stuart's mother passed away, and the illustrations sat in a drawer for years until a friend found them and asked if they could sell them as cards in their café in Aviemore. After selling over a thousand in the first month, I Like Birds was created. Stuart's inspiration now is just as it always has been: a love of nature, a love of design, and hidden behind it all a love of family and nostalgia for his birdwatching youth, and we absolutely love working with him!

Stuart's uniquely styled prints are sure to completely brighten up and transform your living or work space, as well as act as a fantastic gift for your friends, family of loved ones.