Art styles

Talented artists from all over the world create new designs of all kinds every day, and this results in the creation of a variety of different art styles for us to admire, collect, and even purchase. If you are hoping to bring art into your living space, there are many amazing wall prints in different art styles for you to peruse here.

We have a vast collection of incredible art styles for you to hang on your walls, all of which fall under a range of categories. With our sophisticated selection of diverse artwork, you’ll find new ways to express your love for drawings and paintings.

The many incredible art styles: What are they?

There are so many impressive styles of art available for you to easily display on your walls. These range from marvellous illustration art prints and typography art to vivid vintage posters. Contemporary is another brilliant art style, and one that will always be particularly popular because the basis of this modern style is that it’s current, and therefore forever updating.

This artwork complements minimalist interior decoration, as does, of course, minimalistic art itself, which is desired amongst the most on-trend art aficionados and budding art collectors. Another iconic and popular art style is Art Nouveau, and we’re certain our range of reproduced V&A Art Nouveau posters will impress your houseguests. Every time they pop over, they’ll admire the pieces you’ve added to your home.

How can I incorporate these art styles into my home?

The kind of art you favour the most will be dependent on your personal preferences, but if you are new to the art scene, you may be looking for a push in the right direction. 

Of course, you can stick with one specific art style to tie your home together when adding prints to your walls, but you can also choose a selection of contrasting pieces to make a statement. Doing so will show the awareness you have for the many styles of art out there, and enable you to experiment with different designs, colours, and textures.

Photography is another well-loved art style, as photography prints suit your bedroom walls perfectly. This kind of artwork will help you channel your personal interests, such as fashion, into your interior design. For instance, you could introduce one of our V&A inspired John French art prints to your home.

Discover our impressive range of art styles

The different art styles we sell are all meticulously categorised to ensure you can easily find the ideal print(s) to display in your home. Browse our varying collections and select any that suit your preferences and interiors best.

It may be that you’re interested in exploring the diverse range of art styles we offer for a friend - perhaps it’s their birthday, they have just moved into a new place, or they are redecorating. If so, we guarantee you’ll find a piece that will bring a smile to their face and enhance their décor. Find your (or their) favourite now.