Knowing exactly where to head for your next artistic break can be challenging, especially when heading to Europe. Because there are so many incredible cities that are filled with artistic masterpieces. But maybe you’re hoping to seek out street art?

Well, there are many spots displaying urban artwork in European cities, with breath-taking murals and graffiti found across each metropolis. But where are the greatest places to visit? Just read on, and you’ll discover where to see the most amazing street art in Europe, so you can book your next break with confidence.

So, what are the 10 greatest street art cities in Europe? Just read on and you’ll find out…

Berlin, Germany

Teufelsberg Berlin dome with graffiti

A city known for its rich history with art, Berlin is one of the most iconic street art cities. As well as iconic artwork found at East Side Gallery, in Friedrichshain, Berlin is filled with amazing street art here, there and everywhere. See large mural paintings in local neighbourhoods like Kreuzberg, where ‘The Cosmonaut’ (2007) stencil drawing by Victor Ash can be seen overlooking the residents’ homes!

You can also uncover a wealth of street art at the ex-spy station, Teufelsberg Berlin. It’s one of the largest street art galleries in the world, with controversial, current and modern murals of all sizes to see. Two decades’ worth of superb art murals can be seen at this abandoned listening station and the viewing platform is bucket-list-worthy!

Belgrade, Serbia

Street art cities in Europe - Belgrade, Serbia

The city of Belgrade in Serbia is home to some of the best street art in Europe. In fact, this European hotspot is an open-air gallery, showcasing some mesmerising designs near and far.

The industrial areas of Dorcol Platz, Savamala and Cetinjska are brimming with street art, with colourful graffiti work appearing across these spots pretty regularly. As well as these artsy neighbourhoods, Dorcol Platz is slowly becoming the go-to location for street art in this metropolis, with emerging talent (and their work) cropping up all the time.

Barcelona, Spain

Street art in Barcelona, Spain featuring monkey collage

The beautiful city of Barcelona is known for its incredible street art. See everything from logo art displayed on doorways in El Raval (by El Xupet Negre, aka

Carlos Redón) to the giant shark mural in the El Carmel neighbourhood, which is made out of €100 notes to depict the 2008 financial crisis.

The diverse street artwork in this cultural city is so impressive, you can find doors, pavements, buildings, and even stairs showcasing amazing street art, by famous artists and upcoming talent. 

Lodz, Poland

Comical street art mural of man pulling his ears in Lodz, Poland

The street art in Lodz, Poland is absolutely incredible; huge murals line the buildings dotted across this city and it’s magical seeing the true artistry of street designs created in this part of the world.  

A mural you need to see is ‘Bang!’, by Etam Cru and SatOne but the most iconic one to date has to be ‘Primavera’ – a superb street art piece painted on the side of a high-story building, featuring a blue-haired woman wearing a floral coat. This street art piece was created by Sainer, who’s a member of the famous Etam Cru.

Tallinn, Estonia

Black and white street art piece in Tallinn, Estonia

As well as being a stunning place to visit, Tallinn is a city in Estonia that has some of the finest examples of street art in Europe. The ‘Ülemiste Girl’ by Von Bomb is the biggest mural in the whole of Estonia (as well as the Baltic region), and this spectacular piece of art set the bar high for street art here. Why? Because it’s a piece of contemporary wall art that’s clever, inventive and unique.

But how does it achieve this? Well, it features a large image of a girl standing under a red umbrella. What’s special about this is, that it’s been painted on an old factory building where lights appear like snowfall hitting the girl’s umbrella. With spectacular street art like this to view, you’ll feel so inspired when you travel around this city. 

Bristol, England, UK

Bright, blue and white street art in Bristol

Great locations for street art in Europe can be closer than you think, it’s just knowing where they are! Local UK city, Bristol is a thriving spot for street artists, with most alleyways, side streets and buildings featuring some form of art, from murals and graffiti to artwork from the amazing and political street artist, Banksy.

Street art cities like Bristol are famous for their approval and appreciation for this modern art form and everything that comes with it. And residents of Bristol can proudly say they’re from the place where anonymous street art began, all thanks to Banksy! Banksy’s graffiti takes centre stage in Bristol, and influence other immersive street art murals. Head to Stokes Croft and uncover Banky’s iconic mural, ‘Mild Mild West’ (1999), which despite his anonymous status, was drawn over three days in broad daylight!

You can enjoy guided or self-guided walking tours to see the sights of Banksy’s unique and controversial pieces, with 11 in total being on show in this city alone. Alternatively, discover more about the history of British art.

Lisbon, Portugal

Graffiti mural of man lifting woman up, Lisbon, Portugal

As well as enticing museums and exquisite architecture, Portugal’s capital, Lisbon is a European city known for its street art. See everything from collages, building paintings, tags, stencils and graffiti sprinkled across this alluring area. The Portuguese government actually encourage street art here, which means creativity flows throughout the city. Wander around every corner and see huge murals from local artists like Antonio Alves, Oliveiros Rodrigues da Silva Junior and Rigo. 

Similar to Berlin, and other major street cities in Europe, Lisbon has an open-air museum which is truly inspirational: the Amoreiras Wall of Fame. Here, you can revel in the beauty of street artists’ finest work, shown on the biggest graffiti wall in the Iberian Peninsula, with creators flocking to this spot since 1995!

Helsinki, Finland

Pink graffiti wall with white and green skateboard in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki may be an awe-inspiring spot for street art in Europe, but previously the work created in the now art districts were removed, with this form of art being completely rejected. Fast forward to the 21st century and local street art is welcomed and praised. It’s the history of murals being removed, painted over and repainted which makes today’s graffiti, paintings and murals so much more meaningful for the art world.

Great districts to see where the artistry magic happens include Baana, Suvilahti, Itä-Pasila and Kallio, to name just a few. Plus, you can find specialised art galleries and shops that display excellent street artwork, as well as the top spot: the Helsinki Art Museum, which holds different exhibits of famous street artists’ work.

Ghent, Belgium

Black and white, scrabble-like street art in Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is a colourful, graffiti-friendly city which lives and breathes creativity. Street art is sacred here, with people flocking from all over the world to view the different artistry dotted across the walls and buildings of this location.

When you venture to this metropolis, you can wander off on one of the many guided tours on offer, taking you to see a vast amount of graffiti artwork on display across the city.

Graffiti Street is a particularly impressive spot for street art, too, being a vibrant alleyway filled with spray-can-art street artwork, designed by local (and talented) artists. One famous street artist that paved the way for this style of art in Ghent was Bué The Warrior, who paints walls and creates murals across Ghent (and all over the world).

Paris, France

Blurred, pixelized text graffiti on plain black wall in Paris, France

Paris may be famed for its fascinating art galleries, like the Louvre, but it’s also one of the best cities for street art. Stroll through the historic neighbourhoods and you’ll find bright and detailed murals and graffiti filling the walls, streets, gardens and pavements.

Visit spots like Oberkampf to soak up the artsy surroundings, and see the beautiful artwork at The Oberkampf Wall (found at 107 rue Oberkampf). It’s a popular spot amongst street artists, both locally and from across the world, who create impressive murals. Paris prints displayed on walls and different areas also change each month, which really adds to the experience. Make sure you read more about the history of French art before you book a trip to the city of love!

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Now you know about the great street art cities to visit, venture to one (or more) of these spots to uncover the artistic brilliance there! And for more information on everything art-related, visit our blog to read all about iconic artists – past and present, as well as the best art galleries in the world to visit.

August 24, 2022 — James Mace