Framed posters and prints

Our diverse collections are brought to you by extremely talented artists, who meticulously design and capture art to positively alter and inspire your home’s décor. As well, purchasing framed posters for any occasion or any recipient is a brilliant gesture, being instantly available for that lucky person to display on their walls.

Black (500x400mm)

White (500x400mm)

Oak (500x400mm)

 Black (300x300mm)

 White (300x300mm)

 Oak (300x300mm)

Black (300x240mm)

 White (300x240mm)

 Oak (300x240mm)


Choose from 3 different coloured, high quality frames to go with your Tall Boy Print.

Each print will be framed by hand here at our offices here in Nottingham, England and will be available as an option on almost all * of our amazing prints for the flat price of just £13.50.

Our frames are also made from Polcore, which is recycled polystyrene, thus giving this material another lease of life!

Each and every framed print will be packed with love and care in specific packaging that will protect the product in transit.

The colours of the frames are as follows:

    • Black
    • White
    • Oak

*For the time being, framing will only be available for prints that are  300x240mm , 300x300mm, and 500x400mm size; we are working hard to deliver frames for our remaining 600x600 sizes.

The benefits of framed prints

When hoping to uplift or transform your living space interiors, framed wall art prints are an effortless way for you to achieve this. A print’s frame complements the design within it wonderfully, by adding an extra element to the design’s exterior, and naturally becomes an extension of the artwork itself. 

Photography prints particularly benefit from frames, acting as a visual barrier, cleverly separating the frame from the artwork to highlight the beauty of the picture. Adding frames to our reproductions of John French photography pieces, for example, adds a chic touch thanks to the border colour which creates a bold finish. 

What framed wall art do we offer at Tall Boy Prints?

With so many varying styles of illustration art prints to select from our range of collections, it is only natural to wonder which designs can be framed, and which cannot. To put it simply, any piece we sell can easily be framed for an additional cost of £13.50.

The frames we offer are both durable and sophisticated in appearance. Available in black, white and oak, the frames we offer ensure your prints are always protected. Each frame is made from the environmentally friendly material, Polcore, which is recycled polystyrene. To purchase fantastic, framed prints, simply select pieces which are the following sizes: 500x400mm, 300x300mm, and 300x240mm.  

Our framed posters and prints also suit an array of colour schemes, décor styles and spaces across your home. For instance, contemporary wall art pieces and minimalistic art prints can be paired with any coloured frame to suit the simple style of these types of illustrations, without overpowering the design. 

Dot framed artwork across your walls

Peruse our full range of framed art prints that compliment your current décor or add pieces which bring an entirely new look to simple spaces. Alternatively, send one of the framed posters in our collection to a loved one, and send it straight to their door as a gift for a special occasion. Having the option to hang the present you have bought them directly onto their desired wall makes adding artwork to their home seamless and truly rewarding. Simply discover the pieces in our range for your, or a close friend’s home.