Minimalistic décor is so popular because it adds a simple feel to your home while also still ensuring it appears chic. Minimalism is rooted in having and displaying simple and few things, which means you need to declutter your home to achieve this look. Many of you may hope to incorporate this trendy style into your interiors but have become something of a hoarder over the years, and don’t know where to begin.

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We’ve come up with some excellent advice on how to declutter your home so that you can get the most out of your space. Simply read on for some easy-to-follow tips and become a minimalist in no time.

Help to declutter your home

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Trying to declutter your home sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. Although, when you know the right processes to take, it is a lot easier to tackle. Essentially, it’s about the organisation of your items and coming to terms with throwing things away that have likely been gathering dust for months or even years.

These are our top tips for decluttering your home that manageable results:

  • Approach one room at a time

There is nothing worse than decluttering several rooms in your home at once. This will just cause you to give up, and then you are simply left with a mess to clean up and nothing has been organised. Perhaps start with the space that everyone visits the most in your home, such as the living room. This is the area you spend a lot of your time in, so begin with this and move on from there.

  • Set realistic completion dates

If you don’t set a dedicated schedule for decluttering, it likely won’t happen, so it’s best you create one. It sounds overly strict for a task you want to fulfil at home, but if you set yourself a deadline, you will ensure it gets done. Make sure you’re realistic with the completion date because if you have a lot of items to sort through in a house, for example, you will require more time than someone with a flat or apartment.

  • Spend 10 minutes a day decluttering

Decluttering your home can become quite a daunting task if you have a lot of items that need organising. If this is the case, spend just 10 minutes a day tackling your clean-up, such as in the morning, on your lunch break, or before making your dinner.

How to make important choices

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If you are wondering how to declutter your home and keep it free of mess, you must choose what to keep and what to get rid of. This is crucial to maintaining and upkeeping a clutter-free home. It may initially feel tricky, but you just need to take things step by step.

 Here are our favourite ways to make hard decisions easier when decluttering:

  • Put items of all kinds in boxes for a week

Some of the items in your home that you are considering discarding of may be harder to let go of than others. For those that are hard to part with but you haven’t used in some time, place them in boxes to send to the charity shop, or a recycling centre and return to them in a week. If you have missed or needed any of the things stored in these boxes, that is a signal that it must be kept. It’s probably the case that you will forget about most, or all of them though, which proves it’s time to give them away.

  • Turn your coat hangers round

Your bedroom is your sleeping sanctuary, but it’s also usually where all your clothes are stored, in either wardrobes or drawers or both. If you have too many, this room will take the brunt of it and look a little messy.

To clear your wardrobe of space and make room for new clothes, take a day to sort out the items you never wear and add these to your charity box. This can be hard, so we recommend turning the ring of your coat hangers round on the clothes you are considering parting with. In a month or even a week’s time, check if you have switched them back around, to see if you’ve worn them. In the case that you haven’t, you know they deserve to be given to a new home.

Invest in good storage solutions 

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Storage is the best option if you are considering how to declutter your home because it allows you to organise everything effectively. Equally, it reintroduces you to the open space that you have previously cluttered up, and welcoming it back truly adds to your décor, making it as clean-cut as possible.

These are the greatest storage solutions to bring minimalism to your home:

  • Cotton baskets

To declutter and organise your home, invest in cotton baskets. You can store the likes of remotes, electricals, toys, books, magazines and so much more in these handy baskets, and place them in your living room. They also add style to your décor while keeping everything at an accessible reach, but neatly hidden away.

  • Underbed storage

Invest in under bed storage to pack everything in your bedroom away in. This is such a simple way to tuck away all of your seasonal clothes you don’t wear very often. It also provides you with a designated space to store electricals, such as hairdryers and straighteners, as well as any old bedroom art frames you haven’t quite managed to hang up yet.

  • A bathroom cart

Introducing a bathroom cart to this particular room is a beneficial storage solution to remove unnecessary clutter. It enables you to store items that you don’t wish to be on show, such as cleaning products and ointments. These pieces of furniture are chic in appearance, too, and fit seamlessly in your bathroom space.

Add minimalistic artwork to your home

White sofa with three framed contemporary Tall Boy Prints designs on wall

As well following our advice to declutter and organise your home, another great way to make it appear simpler and clutter-free is introducing minimalistic art prints. Dotting these designs across the rooms in your home means your décor will obtain that “stripped back” feeling you are hoping for. Minimalistic art won’t mask the problem of a cluttered house, but doing both at once will accomplish impressive results.

Explore other helpful insights

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Hopefully, we have helped you realise that the dream of turning your home into a contemporary, modern, and minimalistic paradise can easily become a reality. Simply follow these pointers and you will benefit from extra space in no time.

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March 28, 2022 — James Mace