Kate Heiss is one of our licensed artists & is a talented printmaker who specialises in detailed linocut art. Here she shares her art journey, her creative process & what inspires her to create her stunning nature designs.

Kate Heiss is a contemporary British Printmaker who creates dynamic, vibrant, illustrative prints that are inspired by her love of nature. Kate mainly works with linocuts but has worked in a variety of other techniques.

Most of Kate’s prints are inspired by a place or walk through a certain landscape where she will forage, sketch and photograph elements to provide her a starting point for her designs. Each linoleum tile is hand cut and then printed onto paper in small editions on her printing press.


Her clients include international stationery and homeware brands, and her work can be found on cards, art prints, calendars, homeware products and much more. Here Kate shares how her art journey began, how she creates her beautiful art and what inspires her the most.


Kate Heiss sits in her studio with a piece of linocut art, smiling at the camera.

From Textile Designing To Printmaking

Kate trained as a textile designer and worked in the fashion industry for many years. After moving away from the fashion industry, it felt like a natural progression to make prints.


“I have always been interested in colour and pattern and I feel naturally drawn to flowers and nature. Lots of the skills you learn as a surface pattern designer transfers to printmaking. I took a short course in Printmaking and fell in love with the process. It also meant that I could set up a studio at home so that I could be around for my children.”

"Nature is my main influence, I am constantly inspired by plants, flowers, birds, insects & the landscapes that surround me."

A Kate Heiss art print hung up on a navy blue wall.

The Creative Process Behind Kate Heiss Art

Kate usually starts her designs based on a walk through a particular place where she will photograph things along the way and forage for things to sketch at home. If she happens to see a specific  bird or creature, it will also make an appearance in the print. 


“Nature is my main influence,  I am constantly inspired by plants, flowers, birds, insects and the landscapes that surround me. I also love vintage textiles, vintage illustration and packaging. I love using Pinterest to find things that fire my imagination.”


Kate starts her design process with a montage of photographs which she sketches into an initial composition. She then transfers the image using carbon paper onto her lino block and intricately cuts the design into the lino using very sharp tools.


After inking up the block and printing it onto paper using her press, the original proofs are then coloured digitally. Kate then embarks on the very lengthy process of cutting all the separate blocks for the colours. 


"I love the mindfulness of planning and cutting the lino blocks. It is a very slow process and I enjoy the way it slows me down, I am easily distracted so it is very therapeutic for me. I also love the surprise of printing the first proof."

"I love the surprise element of printing. The lino block is cut in reverse & in relief so you never know how the finished image will turn out. I still love the magic of it."

London prints illustration of the London

The Kate Heiss Art Print Collection

The Kate Heiss Collection with Tall Boy Prints contains an exclusive set of 24 nature art prints. These prints focus on nature in all its glory, featuring beautiful animals, birds and stunning nature scenes. More recent additions to the collection include gorgeous food illustrations and  exotic nature art.


Kate's favourite piece of art from her collection is the Hoopoe art print (pictured above).


"I love my new Hoopoe print. The Hoopoe has been my favourite bird since I was a little girl. The Hoopoe seemed so exotic and I never thought I would ever see one. In my adult years I have spotted them in Spain and last year in my neighbouring village we had an unexpected visit from one. I was so excited it felt only right to make a print in honour of such a magical bird.


"I recently sold a print to the father of a two-year-old little girl, she pointed at my print and said 'Hoopoe', it was such an adorable moment.  Apparently, it was her favourite bird too."


Outside of work, Kate enjoys gardening on her allotment, growing things from seeds and swimming. She is inspired by artists who love to use patterns and colour such as Matisse, Warhol, Odilon Redon and Raoul Dufy. She has a natural affinity with Printmakers such as Martha Armitage and Edward Bawden.


You can explore Kate's full collection of prints in the Kate Heiss Wall Art Collection. Each piece is printed on luxury Etching Cotton Rag 315 GSM fine art paper, using a 12-colour printer to create unforgettably vivid art prints.

June 20, 2023 — Annabel Easton