To celebrate World Wildlife Day, we’re sharing our best wildlife prints from our V&A inspired art collection. This collection contains rich illustrations of animals and nature, so if you love wildlife art, here are the top nine art prints we recommend!

World Wildlife Day is an annual event that celebrates the world's wild animals and plants. It also raises awareness of the importance of wildlife and how it makes a difference in the health of the planet and our daily lives. To celebrate World Wildlife Day, here are nine of the top wildlife prints we’ve handpicked from our collection of art prints, inspired by the V&A.

Here Are Our Top Wildlife Prints

wildlife art above a bed

Orchideae, Trochilidae & Muscinae Wildlife Prints

These three wildlife prints feature vivid illustrations originally designed by German scientist Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919) for his early 20th-century publication ‘Art Forms in Nature’. Illustrating different species of colourful hummingbirds, orchids and plants, 'Orchideae', 'Trochilidae' and 'Muscinae' are three of our favourite prints from the Birds and Botany Collection. These detailed illustrations are incredibly vibrant and work as standalone pieces or as a duo or trio on a wall.

Our Birds and Botany Collection features different types of birds and natural forms. Each piece of art is based on the popular 'Birds of America' by John James Audubon (1785–1851), and the illustrations are by Ernst Haeckel, whose stunning designs are known for bridging the gap between science and art.

Uxbridge, Lambourne End & Hadley Wood Wildlife Prints

If you love travel posters, you might fall in love with our ‘Uxbridge’, ‘Lambourne End’ or ‘Hadley Wood’ prints. Every week we travel somewhere using some form of transport, whether it’s catching a tram to work or hopping on a bus to the supermarket. When we travel, we often take the time to appreciate the world around us.

These travel posters consist of nostalgic illustrations by English painter and illustrator F. Gregory Brown (1887–1941), who brings the obvious, and the unnoticed elements of transport and travel to life. Each print depicts beautiful English countryside in varying seasons at each location.

These pieces have a rich history as they were issued in the early 20th century by the Underground Electric Railways Company of London (the precursor of the London Underground) to promote the varying tram and bus routes. ‘Uxbridge’, ‘Lambourne End’ and ‘Hadley Wood’ are part of our Poster Prints, a V&A-inspired collection that showcases charming Art Deco travel posters and pictorial advertisements from the turn of the 20th century.

Yoshino Mountains, Shisa & Cherry-Blossom Viewing Wildlife Prints

‘Yoshino Mountains’, ‘Shisa - Iki Province’ and ‘Cherry-blossom Viewing’ are three of our most vivid wildlife prints. For those that have an interest in different cultures and scenery, these prints portray the unique beauty of Japanese landscapes.

Created as part of the reproductions of the V&A archives, these prints are part of our Japanese Artwork Collection. Japanese artwork has been collected by the V&A since 1852 and the museum's collection includes a vast archive of colourful woodblock prints created by this genre's greatest and most influential artists, such as Utagawa Hiroshige I and Hiroshige II.

Whether you're looking for classical wildlife scenes, unique travel posters or vivid Japanese art, there's something for every wildlife lover. See each unique print or browse the full range in our V&A-inspired collections.

March 06, 2023 — James Mace