If you're looking for a Father's Day present, why not choose a gift that will last a lifetime? From animal artwork to humorous illustrations, discover  gifts for every type of Dad.

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to find a gift that your Dad will truly love. Whether he spends his time bird-watching or making jokes, we're sharing some of our favourite art prints suited for every type of Dad. 


Our prints are made to last a lifetime. Each piece is printed on luxury Etching Cotton Rag 315 GSM fine art paper, using a 12-colour printer and Sun-Resistant P Series Pigmented Ink.  We print and hand-frame every piece in-house. 


If you're looking for the perfect Father's Day present for this weekend, explore our favourite Father's Day gifts below. Order before 2pm on Friday to receive your Father's Day gifts in  time for Father's Day.

Father's Day Gifts

For The Bird Watcher

A Stuart Cox art print makes a great gift for Dads out there that love bird watching and nature designs. Stuart Cox is an expert at capturing the beauty of British Birds. His signature collection of 8 wildlife prints features a variety of birds in their natural habitats, displayed in beautiful geometric patterns. Stuart's geometric and uniquely patterned designs have captivated people across Britain and his designs can now be found on many types of interior decor,  homeware and gifts.


The Stuart Cox collection contains 8 unique bird art prints. Discover each print in the collection below, or browse the full Stuart Cox art print collection.


Geometric art print of a British bird stood in the shallows of a lake, hung up on a blue wall.

Father's Day Gifts

For The Dog Lover

For Dads whose dogs are never far behind, our collection of dog artwork is sure to bring a smile to their face. Created by various artists, these dog art prints feature various types of posing dogs. Our favourite is John Vogl's 93 Dogs, which features 93 vibrant illustrations of dogs in one print! Discover each print below or browse the Father's Day wall art collection for more inspiration.

Art print of 93 different illustrations of dogs in vibrant orange and black, hung up on a pink wall.

Father's Day Gifts

For The Funny Dad

LION art prints are perfect for Dads that love a bit of humour. Created by two brothers, the LION collection features a series of humorous art prints featuring animals and nature. 


The prints they produce are always skilfully mastered, with the stunning illustrations highlighted by witty commentary in the text below. The LION collection contains 6 unique animal art prints. Discover the beauty of each print in the collection below, or browse the full LION wall art collection for a Father's Day gift.

art print of a panda pretending to be part of a whale pod in the ocean. Text below reads "Over time, the pod came to accept Henry as one of their own".

Father's Day Gifts

For The Sporty Dad

For Dad's that love watching or playing Sports, our collection of football, cycling and car related art prints would make a great Father's Day gift. These prints are created by a variety of artists and feature sporty travel, vintage art and specific sports team designs. Browse sports prints below or discover more art prints in our sports wall art collection.

Art print of a man cycling down a river, hung up on a blue wall.

Father's Day Gifts

For The Nature Lover

Nothing capture nature better than stunningly crisp nature photography. For the nature lovers out there, our collection of Guy Aubertin photography art prints are sure to mesmerise.


Guy Aubertin is an incredible photographer who ventures outdoors regularly to capture the intricacies of sublime natural scenery. Previously working in the likes of Iceland, India, the UK, America and even the Arctic wilderness, his range of photography prints are always beautifully varied. Discover each detailed art print in the collection below or browse the full series in the Guy Aubertin wall art collection.

Art print of a photograph of a forest, hung up on a green wall.

Discover More Father's Day Gifts

Whether you're looking for nature, sports or dog art prints, we have something for everyone looking for a Father's Day present. If you're looking for more Father's Day gifts, head over to be inspired by our favourite prints in our Father's Day Collection.

June 15, 2023 — Annabel Easton