With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the gift buying process has officially begun. Along with finding a great present, you also need plans for the day itself, and the evening.

With this event taking place each year, it’s very easy to fall back into old habits and celebrate the same way you did last year. If you’re searching for some new, innovative ideas for date night this year, specifically centred around the art scene, you’ve come to the right place.

In this helpful article, we’ve listed the best date ideas for yourself and the art aficionado in your life to treasure.

Go to a prestigious art gallery together

To try out more creative date ideas on the 14th of February, visit a gallery bursting with beautiful artwork.

Truly magical memories can be made when you admire art together. Simply research into your loved ones’ favourite art gallery and scroll through the upcoming exhibitions that you know they would love to explore. A particular art gallery they are fond of might practically be their second home, but the element of surprise will come with you purchasing tickets to a brand new and exciting exhibition that really suits their artistic interests.

Simply visit the ‘What’s On’ section on the likes of the V&A’s website, as well as Tate Britain and Hayward Gallery. Then, review the various options available and book an event that sparks interest for you and your beloved to attend, making this love-filled day one to remember.

For their Valentine’s Day gift, you could purchase V&A wall art from our collection and present it to them on the day with a little note telling them what you have planned for the both of you. The print(s) will forever remind them of this special occasion, and the thoughtful date you arranged. After visiting your chosen gallery, head to a nearby bar for a drink and make a toast to spending more time uncovering amazing new artwork together.

Attend a local art show or festival

Date ideas for the budding artist in your life don’t need to be extravagant but they do need to be rooted in their interests. For an evening filled with good times, venture to new spots to admire artwork and celebrate all of its brilliance together, with other like-minded people.

There is always new art and artists to be sought out, it’s just a matter of finding a local event to uncover emerging talent. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day by arranging a trip to an art festival, show, or exhibition held at a local centre, event space, or café.

This will not only provide a change of scenery but fill your partner’s soul with love and gratitude, especially since they have someone to share this fun experience with.

Book tickets for a theatre show

A love for the arts comes in many forms, which means your partner’s perfect date may involve sitting in the theatre watching a newly adapted Shakespeare play or West End production.

Or perhaps your partner has never seen a show of this kind but has always wanted to. If this is the case, spending a night at the theatre is one of the best date ideas to opt for; you can open their eyes to a whole new area of art they haven’t yet explored.

Simply browse different venues in London and across the country online and find the theatre productions that you will both adore, based on yours and your partner’s artistic interests, favourite books, poetry and films.

Explore a new craft together

As well as the obvious art gallery visits, there are other creative date ideas you may not have tried previously for Valentine’s Day or simply throughout the year. Extend your interest in art by trying out new crafts together as a couple. This provides a great way for you both to spend time together and bond while learning a new skill.

You may be unsure which crafts to take up, but these ideas for date night will point you in the right direction:

Enjoy a romantic pottery class

This is one of the more traditionally romantic date ideas for you to get on board with, but it’s certainly a brilliant one. Book a pottery making session for you and your other half to relish together. You can create whatever you wish, from mugs to comical pots, which you can then giggle over in the future. This activity allows the two of you to completely let loose and have fun, and that’s what date night is all about, after all.

Join a weaving class

To further your and your partner’s skill set, organise a hand weaving masterclass for the two of you to enjoy. Free up your calendar on the 14th and learn the process of handweaving together, trying this craft for yourselves by experimenting with different yarn.

This is one of the best date ideas because your other half won’t have thought of it themselves, so it will come as a surprise to them. This concept is an original take on a Valentine’s Day treat, which they will be more than happy to partake in with you.

Select your favourite and spoil your partner

Now that you have several date night ideas to consider, you can choose which one is best suited to your beloved partner’s tastes and preferences. Whether you make new art or view exclusive pieces at a gallery, ensure you arrange a night you’ll both remember forever.

You could also peruse our vast range of glorious art themes for your other half to cherish. Ensure you read our other insightful blog posts, too, covering everything from fantastic housewarming gifts to the arty cities in and around Europe.

January 25, 2022 — Emma Hancox