The beauty of art is its diversity; no piece is ever the same, which is what makes it so remarkable. With so many different themes to choose from, searching for them all at once can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. We believe choosing your next art piece should be a pleasant experience, which is why we have split our stunning selection of artwork up by theme to help make your decision much simpler.

Artists across the globe create new posters, paintings, illustrations, and prints with a theme in mind, consciously or not. Dividing our excellent prints into categories makes our artists’ portrayal of different designs much easier to recognise.

When you’re purchasing a new print, it’s crucial to shop for pieces that relate to your interests. Searching our art by theme allows you to carefully consider the difference in designs when making your selection. For example, initially, you may assume floral artwork and botanical wall art pieces fall under the same category, and although they do feature similarities, the two themes are quite different. Increasing your awareness of this helps you to curate an art collection or gallery wall based on exactly what suits you.

Art themes: What are they?

‘Art theme’ refers to the subject featured in a design, as well as the meaning behind a piece. For instance, fashion artwork is a theme because it relates to the overarching concept of a line of prints and describes what’s actually featured in a piece. Each print that falls under this theme will uniquely convey the ideas associated with the subject of fashion, such as our V&A inspired John French photography prints.

Travel art is another common theme, which includes posters and paintings centred around travelling, adventure, and the scenery you encounter along the way. These pieces match well with simple décor in minimalistic rooms, also complementing landscape art prints wonderfully. These particular themed designs can be displayed in the kitchen, either placed on the wall or propped on a shelf. Not to mention they will also work well with any designs currently hung in your bathroom space.

Our collection of animal artwork is also categorised as a theme and can be displayed in your sleeping space to complement other bedroom art prints exhibited on your walls. There is so much scope for your interior vision to become a reality, it’s simply down to deciding which theme appeals to you the most. 

Uncover ideal prints by theme

Sourcing new artwork should always be an exciting experience. Discovering a specific art theme that suit your interests will help pave the way towards finding artwork that resonates with you the most.

The same can be said for when you are on the lookout for a gift for a special occasion, such as your loved ones’ birthdays, an anniversary, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. Knowing them well means you are readily equipped to find your chosen recipient a present that matches their passions in life, as well as their home décor.

Simply explore our sublime range of art prints by theme and order designs that appeal to you or those closest to you the most. Remember to factor in the intended interiors when perusing our diverse collections, too.