Introduce the Danish way of life to your living space by hygge-ing up your home. You may be unsure what this entails, or means, which is what we’re going to highlight.

If want to know precisely how to hygge your home, this article will tell you all that’s needed for you to bring this luxurious lifestyle to your own space. Perhaps you’re an proud homeowner who wants to introduce a relaxed feel to their home? If that’s the case, read on and discover our greatest hygge home décor ideas. You’ll be able to achieve this style of living in no time.

What is hygge?

Hygge blanket and cosy candle

In recent years you’ve likely heard of the term ‘hygge’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what it is, or what it entails. So what is hygge? Well, hygge is a Danish way of living, but more than anything, it’s a feeling.

For those unfamiliar with this word, it’s pronounced "hyoo-guh" in Denmark and Norway. This lifestyle aims to lift your spirits, help you feel better connected to the ones you love, and achieve a beautiful state of relaxation. This can be achieved through your décor; hygge always feels cosy and calm, and creates a safe place for you to relax in.

Naturally, the definition of hygge will have a different meaning to different people but the key taking from this is how it should make you feel. 

Hygge living room ideas

Hygge style living room fireplace

Most of the time we spend in our homes is spent in our central space: the living room. Hygge style can truly change the way you spend your evenings laid on the sofa with your partner, or catching up with dear friends over a bottle of wine.

There are plenty of ways to bring the elements of hygge to your home. Simply add atmosphere to your lounge with these soothing additions, tremendous décor tweaks, and living room wall art pieces:

Introduce cosy candles to your space

Candles and warm glow

Candles are a great source of fragrance to keep your home smelling wonderful at all times. Dotting them around your home is always a fine idea for more reasons than one; these scented goods are excellent for creating the perfect ambience to achieve hygge. These home accessories provide a dimmed source of light, a sense of relaxation and produce aromatic scents that are good for the soul. 

Choose the wax-filled jars you’ll incorporate into your décor carefully. We would recommend opting for candles with crackling wooden wicks, to truly add to your hygge experience. Lighting a candle, hearing it slowly burn away and taking in its fragrances will help you unwind; they relax you on even the most stress-filled days. You can simply soak in the ambience and enjoy your loved one’s company as you watch a film together on an evening.

Dim the lights

Hygge low lighting

The essence of hygge is rooted in cosiness, so the lighting in your home needs to create atmosphere. You could opt for a floor lamp when shopping for home interiors and incorporate this light source into your décor. This will give you the option of switching your main lights off, instead incorporating low lighting into your living room or even your sleepy bedroom space.

Creativity comes with light fixtures and lamps, as you can toy with different designs like alphabet shaped lamps or stand-alone light bulb lamps. Both of these light sources add character to your décor, while still achieving the wonderful, warm, glowing effect you are aiming for.

Hygge bedroom ideas

Bedroom and atmospheric lighting

Your bedroom is your place of sanctuary; you head to this spot when the day draws to an end and light turns to dark. It’s likely that your bedroom is already particularly cosy, with fluffy throws and twinkling fairy lights adorning your headboard. But you may be a little unsure of how to hygge your bedroom, so here are some of our finest suggestions:

Mix and match with textures

Bed, lighting and textured cushions

It’s not necessary to totally match your décor. In fact, hygge involves quite the opposite. Introducing different textures adds extra comfort to your space, which is a key aspect of hygge.

Incorporate different colours, minimalistic patterns and textures when choosing extra additions for your bedroom, such as throws, blankets, rugs, and cushions. These are perfect hygge home accessories when they are chosen correctly.

For instance, your bed could feature an array of different sized cushions with varying textures to provide ultimate comfort and snug surroundings.

Add accompanying hygge artwork

Hygge art showing mountain scenery
Incorporating art into your space is a fantastic way to hygge your home, as blissful art prints add character, as well as a calming balance to your interior and, consequently, your mood. There are no specific art types that bring the hygge way of life to your décor. Instead, it’s all about which pieces will specifically enlighten your soul, brighten your day, and help you feel relaxed when you admire them. Simply choose prints that inspire in you a feeling of contentment and boost your wellbeing - although our range of Scandinavian wall art is a great place to start looking.

That being said, if you would like further guidance, hanging nature prints or nature art on your walls is a great way to bring hygge style to any room in your abode. Illustrations that portray the beauty of nature and all it has to offer will leave you feeling calm and appreciative of the natural world, which is entirely what hygge is all about. Add this style of art to your home to really embrace this way of living.

To find further insights on home décor, visit our varied blog and learn more about how to spruce up your current surroundings. You can also peruse our varied selection of hygge-inspired botanical wall art pieces to bring cosiness to your space.

October 11, 2021 — James Mace