As remote and flexible working has increased over the last couple of years, you’ve likely worked from home either permanently or from time to time. This more recent work perk is incredible for many of us. Firstly, you don’t have to face the morning commute or prepare your work outfit every day, plus the days of planning your lunch the night before are behind you.

Instead, you can walk from one room to the next, or up the stairs to start your working day. As great as this all sounds, if you’re not working in a creative office space, you could be losing motivation throughout the day, and your productivity levels can also falter as a result. Setting up an office is brilliant, but you must take the relevant steps to ensure it benefits your working day and doesn’t negatively affect your mental health.

Creative office space with art prints on the wall, a plant pot and desk

If you’re looking to discover new ways to make your home office the most productive space possible, read these tips on the best home office design ideas. Whether you work from home full-time or part-time, these home office ideas are perfect for boosting your productivity. From buying wall art for your office to choosing the best furniture, you’ll be bursting with newfound motivation in no time!

Keep healthy distractions close byGirl in yellow jumper working hard at desk on her laptop

Working from home is wonderful but, often, you can end up missing crucial break time that your brain needs to function at its best. Think about this - when you work in the office, there are regular interruptions involving tea breaks, chatter, and even getting out of your seat at several times throughout the day. This helps the mind to rest, even if for a brief time, and ensures your motivation is sustained.

Without taking these crucial brain breaks, your mind tends to wander halfway through the day, sometimes in the middle of an important task. You also need to ensure you don’t experience burnout, so having small distractions surrounding will help tremendously.

These creative office ideas aren’t strictly related to furniture but also include ornaments and helpful items that will benefit your mindset. For instance, keep your phone, tablet, a musical instrument or a book nearby but still far enough away to be able to concentrate when you need to.

Home office design: Introduce dynamic furniture to your spaceImage of great home office ideas, including lightbulb, stylish desk and mini plant pot

When working from home, you need to spend time in a space that helps your creativity flourish, and buying the right furniture will improve office productivity. We spend more time at work than anywhere else, so you need to bring both striking and comfortable pieces of furniture to this particular room.

There is one piece in particular to consider when designing or renovating your office…

Invest in a comfortable chair to relax inDynamic office furniture including white desk and pale, brown leather chair

Many of you will have been introduced to home working fairly recently, and you may not have considered buying a new chair to sit in. You might have been using a standard dining room chair or an old office chair, but it’s best to start afresh and purchase one that is both comfortable and matches your office aesthetic.

It’s crucial to remember that a creative office space should always be a comfortable one, so you need to invest in the right furniture. More importantly, ensure you are sitting in an ergonomic position so that your spine is raised, your posture is upright and you’re ready to face the potential challenges tossed your way.

As much as the room’s aesthetic should be to your taste, ensure you don’t invest in a chair that is pleasing to the eye but uncomfortable to sit on. This will only result in you constantly changing positions, or moving over to the sofa, which can make you feel a little worn out.

Add plants to your office deskBrown Scandi desk with monitor and plant pot perfect for small home office design

It may not seem it, but plants truly uplift your mood once you’ve added them to your office space. Purchasing houseplants, particularly those that are hard to kill, is a fantastic way to bring style to your room and boost your productivity. Adding a bunch of long lasting flowers to your desk also helps add character to any small home office design, as such natural pieces act as small, decorative ornaments and are not too overpowering or distracting when sat next to your monitor.

We’d recommend placing several small succulents or one thriving spider plant on your desk to help you take time to unwind during the day. For example, you can take a break to water these plants, which helps rest your brain for a short amount of time.

Hang art on your walls or desk to uplift your spirits Man sitting in office chair looking at a contemporary art print hung on the wall

Introducing art is one way to build a productive home office because it boosts your mood and therefore improves your overall workflow. This is because even glancing at detailed, bold, and bright pieces helps your mind to refresh and consequently helps better your mental health. It’s for this reason that art therapy has become so popular over recent years.

We have a sublime selection of prints, whether you’re hoping to find striking black and white artwork or calming contemporary wall art to match your minimalist décor. You can find your favourite to suit your office interior or decide which ones are most likely to introduce vibrancy to your room, for a great start to each day.

Adding pieces like our 'Boho Babe' print by Beth Kemp to your desk or the shelf above it will prepare you for the working day ahead because the colours are calming and the imagery is uplifting. Simply looking at this powerful piece will inspire you whenever you’re facing a stressful task or tricky video call with clients. This is the true beauty of art.

Uncover further insights from Tall Boy PrintsMinimalistic office design with a pale wooden desk, chair, a plant and a world map print

Now you know how to turn your office into a productive paradise, you can start implementing these changes for yourself.

For more home office ideas and articles on art essentials, as well as innovative design and décor ideas, ensure you read our blog. Alternatively, peruse our wide collection of art themes, then purchase amazing illustrations for your working space!

November 19, 2021 — Emma Hancox