Clair Rossiter

This incredible collection of artwork has been designed by Clair Rossiter, a talented artist who creates colourful, juvenile landscapes for you to display on your walls. Each piece she illustrates is whimsical and bursting with colour. Her work appeals to a wide range of age groups, offering a sense of childhood nostalgia for adults and exciting, busy drawings for children to admire in their bedrooms.

Clair Rossiter the artist: An introduction

Creating illustration artwork for various children’s books such as ‘Bear and Friends,’ Clair Rossiter has perfected drawing different designs for a host of audiences. Clair’s journey began at Falmouth University, graduating in 2014 with an Illustration degree. This encouraged Clair to pursue her love for art further, starting her career as a freelance illustrator in Sutton, just outside of London.

Prone to making a mess when creating her masterpieces, Clair uses colouring pencils and ink before collaging her work together digitally. She plays around with common settings, transforming the crowds of people that frequent these areas into animals, drawing cats riding bicycles, cows driving cars, and illustrating the Queen’s Guard as lizards and parrots. For this reason, her designs will complement any existing animal artwork displayed across your home.

This brilliant series of Clair Rossiter art consists of four city prints and one seaside piece. She portrays the bustling cityscapes of Edinburgh, London, Paris, and New York, using different colours to shape each of her designs and the settings she focuses on, adding character to any space.

Clair Rossiter artwork for your home

Clair’s prints can be displayed across different areas of your living space to add colour and interest to your décor. This is one of the many benefits of owning her superb creations; she depicts the hubbub of busy cities and the seaside, bringing wanderlust to your space without leaving your home.

Simply hang one of Clair’s pieces above your fridge or on the feature wall in your cooking space to complement your existing kitchen wall art. Her detailed city pieces will enhance living room interiors, especially when hung above the fireplace or stood on a freestanding shelf. Clair’s playful designs work wonderfully in children’s bedrooms, too. If your little ones have a dedicated playroom, display a trio of these prints on the walls to add a touch of adventure to the interiors.

Discover Clair Rossiter’s prints 

Glancing at Clair Rossiter’s brilliant designs will uplift your mood as you lounge in the comfort of your home. Explore her pieces from this collection, then affix them to your walls. Alternatively, send one as a gift to someone who adores the exciting locations and settings she illustrates.

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