Farmyard Summer Evenings by Frank Sherwin

SKU: TBP0525
500 x 400 mm

Farmyard Summer Evenings is a classic painting of a horse-drawn cart and farmer's barn by Frank Sherwin, and has been digitally remastered for Tall Boy Prints.

Frank Sherwin was an English artist primarily known for his watercolour paintings of landscapes. This collection of pictures from the family archive is mostly painted in gouache on board and reflect the same interest in landscape and the British countryside. The simplicity of composition and limited colour palette give the painting a timeless feel.


From Frank's family: 

"We are really happy with the beautiful prints that Tall Boy have produced of Frank's work, the colour reproduction and the quality of the paper is outstanding. It is lovely to see them published so that people can enjoy and appreciate them again after all these years."

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